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Blessed to be a Blessing

Success is not always measured in units sold. That’s especially true if you are a Christian writer. When I published my new book, The Shepherd’s Watch, with Redemption Press, my goal was simple. I wanted to share the stories about people who have blessed my life. Writing is a gift to be shared.“There’s nothing as long as a cold winter’s night
And nothing as welcome as friends at the door
And nothing as useless as a story to tell, or a tune to be played
When there’s no one to hear”
Just an Old Fiddler – words and music by Jerry Rasmussen

This last year, I’ve given away as many books as I’ve sold. I don’t look at that as a disappointment.

I’ve given many books to people I hardly know. One of the first was to a man who waited on me at Wendy’s. I don’t remember having seen him there before, and my conversation was limited to “I’ll take a double cheeseburger and a side salad.”
While I stood there, waiting for my order, he leaned over the counter and said, “My daughter died, yesterday.” Somehow, he felt comfortable sharing such a deep grief with me, a complete stranger. The only way I knew his name was from his name tag. When he handed me my bag with the cheeseburger and salad, I said, “I’ll keep your family in prayer.”

I went out to my car, picked up a copy of my new book, went back in and gave it to him. It was a simple gift, and I thank Redemption Press for their generous support in guiding me through the creation of the book.
Yesterday, I gave away both of my books to a woman who needed a lift in Spirit. If I don’t have a book handy, I give a CD of my music.

Long ago, I took a two year Bible study class titled “Blessed to be a Blessing.” That pretty much sums it up.

Athena, and the folks at Redemption Press are more than good business persons; they are loving Christians who blessed me in the creation of my book. I appreciate the opportunity to be a blessing to others.

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