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8: Children’s Book Special: Christian Books That Spark Creativity in Children

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In today’s author spotlight episode, we dive into the world of children’s literature with two remarkable authors who bring vibrant stories and timeless truths to young readers.

Join us as we explore the pages of “You Were Made to Praise God” by Vicki Moag, a delightful reminder that every breath is an opportunity for gratitude and worship. Then, venture into the colorful realm of “The Hermits and the Wells: A Color Story” by Kobi McKenzie, where friendship and creativity blend in a beautiful narrative.

Author Spotlight #1: You Were Made to Praise God with Vicki Moag

Interview Highlights:

  • Book: You Were Made to Praise God
    • Overview: Vicki offers a reminder to people of all ages, and creatures of every kind were made to praise God. Psalms tells us that everything that has breath praise the Lord. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, you can find a way to give thanks or find a way to give praise. It’s just remembering who He is in all of our seasons.
    • For Whom: Though people of all ages will enjoy the book, Vicki’s heart behind the book was for children to grasp that they, and all of creation around them, were made to praise God.
    • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Author Spotlight #2: The Hermits and the Wells with Kobi McKenzie

Interview Highlights:

    • Book: The Hermits and the Wells: A Color Story
    • Overview: Kobi weaves the fundamental elements of art into a whimsical story of three lonely hermits who found friendship through mysterious splashes of colorful water. As an art teacher and color consultant, Kobi includes helpful teaching guides about to master the art of colors making this desirable book for art classes at home, or at school.
    • For Whom: This book is ideal for children between the ages of five and ten, although even older children (and adults) could use a refresher on the elements of colors.
    • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Thank you for listening to the Redemption Press Author Spotlight. Join us next week for more conversations with our authors.

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