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7: Holiness – Exploring First Peter

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Welcome back to another episode of the At This Table podcast. In this episode, Carol and Athena take us on a deep exploration of holiness, guided by the words of 1 Peter 1:13-21. Our hosts unravel the layers of what it means to live a life rooted in holiness, a calling that transcends mere position and becomes a way of life.

Key Topics Discussed:

Unpacking Holiness with Peter: Carol opens the discussion by setting the stage with Peter’s transformational message on preparing our minds for action and being sober-minded. The conversation highlights Jesus as our living hope and the importance of setting our hope on God’s grace—a grace that Peter intimately knew and lived during his time with Jesus on earth.

The Call to Holiness: Athena brings the scriptures to life, reading key verses that remind us of the high calling to be holy, as God is holy. This is not just about righteousness through Jesus but a call to actively live out holiness in our daily lives. The hosts discuss how understanding and experiencing God’s character is crucial in meeting this call.

Holiness in Action: The dialogue takes a practical turn as Carol and Athena dissect the real-life implications of living a holy life. They emphasize that holiness involves a reverent fear and honor towards God, transforming our actions, thoughts, and desires.

The Price of Salvation: Athena reads further, leading to a powerful reflection on the preordained plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. Carol explains the significance of Jesus’s sacrifice—planned before the foundation of the world—not as an afterthought, but as a deliberate act of love to redeem humanity.

The Beauty of Sanctification: The conversation wraps up with a heartfelt discussion on sanctification and the unique paths we walk in our spiritual journeys. The hosts underscore that holiness doesn’t come from adhering to rules but from understanding and living within the pleasant boundaries God sets for us, which ultimately leads to freedom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Holiness is both a position in Christ and a call to live out.
  • Understanding God’s character is essential to living a holy life.
  • Fear in holiness is about reverence, not dread.
  • Salvation through Jesus was always part of God’s plan.
  • Sanctification is a personalized process led by the Holy Spirit.

Join Carol and Athena as they provide insights on how to recognize and live out holiness in our everyday lives, moving closer to God’s heart with every step.

Conclusion: In this episode, we are reminded of the depth and beauty of our calling to holiness. Through scriptural wisdom and personal insight, our hosts encourage us to pursue a life that honors God in thought, word, and deed.

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