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15: Adopting Christ’s Attitude Towards Sin

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In this episode of “At This Table,” hosts Carol and Athena take us through 1 Peter 4:1-11, where Peter packs a lot into these eleven verses. We’ll take a look at our attitude toward sin, suffering and saints (other believers), and take on Christ’s attitude about these areas.

Key Takeaways:

Taking on Christ’s attitude about …

  1. Choosing to live a pure life even if it means suffering and not being invited to the table.
  1. Suffering. Because Jesus suffered and was tempted in every way that we could possibly suffer or be tempted, we can arm ourselves and have the same mind as Christ, as He has defeated sin and death.
  2. The saints (other believers). We are called to pray for one another and love others regardless of how we’ve been treated, while being hospitable without grumbling and complaining. and serve other believers for the glory of God!


In today’s episode, we delved into adopting Christ’s attitude towards sin, suffering, and our fellow believers. We discussed the importance of choosing to live a pure life, even if it means facing exclusion or suffering, just as Jesus did. By understanding that Jesus endured and overcame all forms of suffering and temptation, we are encouraged to arm ourselves with the same mindset, knowing that He has ultimately defeated sin and death.

This episode emphasized the call to pray for and love one another unconditionally, irrespective of how we’ve been treated. It highlights the significance of being hospitable without grumbling and serving other believers with a joyful heart, all for the glory of God. Together, these principles guide us to embody Christ-like attitudes in our daily lives and interactions.

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