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14: Restoring Faith and Shattering Stigmas: Inspiring Journeys with Cindy Seaton Henson and Andrea Nyberg

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In this episode, we spotlight two inspiring authors. Cindy Seaton Henson shares her memoir, “Suitcases from Heaven,” detailing her journey of faith as she cared for her daughter-in-law battling terminal cancer. This story offers hope and strength to caregivers everywhere. Next, Andrea Nyberg discusses “I’m Such a Messterpiece,” where she bravely shares her struggles with anxiety and depression, and her path to healing and self-acceptance. Andrea’s story shatters stigmas and reminds us we are God’s masterpieces.


Episode Highlights:

Author Spotlight #1: Suitcases from Heaven: A Mother’s Journey of Hope through Her Daughter-in-law’s Cancer by Cindy Seaton Henson


Interview Highlights:

    • Book: Suitcases from Heaven
    • Overview: The heart-wrenching story of a daughter-in-law fighting a rare, terminal cancer with a mountain of miracle-moving faith, and a mother-in-law depleted of miracle-believing faith who wants nothing to do with such miracle nonsense. Day by day, as Cindy Seaton Henson cares for her dying daughter-in-law, God invites her onto Jazmin’s hope-train legacy. This memoir is intended to encourage caregivers to lean into restored faith so they can better care for their loved ones.
    • For Whom: The person who is struggling with grief. For the one who is hoping for a miracle. For mothers who have children who are suffering from illness and caregivers who are tired, depressed and need hope.

Author Spotlight #2: I’m Such a Messterpiece: Shattering Stigmas, (Re)framing Our Fears, and Finding Ourselves Fully Loved by Andrea Nyberg


Interview Highlights:

    • Book: I’m Such a Messterpiece
    • Overview: Drowning in anxiety and depression, Andrea Nyberg faced the shame and stigma of mental illness. Her physical, mental, and spiritual health on the decline, she courageously reached out for help—a decision that transformed her life. In her book, Andrea shares her journey to show that despite our struggles, we are masterpieces of God. She offers practical tools and resources to rediscover joy, rebuild faith, and embrace a survivor mindset. Let Andrea’s story inspire you to find hope, healing, and the strength to thrive.
    • For Whom: This book is primarily for Christians who are struggling in their faith, identity and mental health.
    • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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