There are many opportunities for writers to publish a book the “easy way,” but this often results in an ineffective, low-quality product and eventually, such books need to be republished or relaunched.

Unfortunately, many writers take shortcuts and don’t understand the inescapable importance of professional editing and guidance. If you find yourself tempted to do the same, you’re not alone.

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I’ve personally experienced the pain of putting out a product that was less than excellent, but was ultimately able to relaunch with great success.

Reasons to Relaunch Your Book

  • Your publisher went out of business (CrossBooks, WinePress or other small presses).
  • Your experience with your current publisher produced an inferior product.
  • You have tried the DIY (do-it-yourself) route and ended up with a book that has limited distribution and maybe even looks a little (or a lot!) self-published.

Whichever your situation, relaunching your book with Redemption Press will not only empower you to produce a quality product, but you’ll also have the opportunity to reach new markets.

Things you can improve in a book relaunch:

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Republishing is your chance for a fresh start!

  • Your front cover design
  • New author photo
  • New copy on the back cover that will sell the benefit of the message
  • More professional formatting of the inside of your book
  • New content inside the book
  • Your online brand

What to Expect When you Re-publish Your Book

If you’re planning to relaunch your book with Redemption Press or another publisher, you need the native files of your book. This means the editable Adobe InDesign files, not a PDF document.

1. If all you have is a high resolution PDF, you could relaunch your book if you do not need to make any revisions. Basically, you would just be republishing the exact book just with a new ISBN number, distribution tactic, and publisher. You should only relaunch your book without making revisions if your book was professionally edited. Note: It’s greatly beneficial to relaunch a book with revised and expanded content.

2. If you don’t have the native files, you could still relaunch your book if you have a hard copy of your book. This process would include using high resolution scanning equipment to create a PDF version of your book for print. This would not give you the opportunity to make revisions. Refer to the note above.

3. If you don’t have the native files and need to make revisions, I’d strongly suggest starting from scratch. This may not seem ideal, but it’s a great opportunity to receive professional coaching and editing to relaunch your book with excellence.

4. If you have the native files, you can relaunch your book with more ease. The quality of the product would determine how much editing you would need, and if you wanted to reach new markets, our professionals would suggest adding content to relaunch as a revised and expanded version. Revising your book in a way gives you marketing potential that you may not have had before.

How much does it cost to relaunch a book?

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Relaunching your book can give you a sense of accomplishment.

The cost of relaunching your book really depends on the four situations described above.

If you do not have the native files, you may have to pay to get them. For example, Amazon doesn’t give you the native files if you publish through CreateSpace, and some companies charge up to $1,500 to get the native files ($750 for the cover files and $750 for the text files).

If there was no editing done, you should expect to start from scratch, which will, of course, cost more than if you just needed to republish the exact same book with no changes.

If your book was published professionally with adequate editing, we could focus on helping you offer more in the book. For example, you could add new take aways to your book such as questions for small groups or a small group leader’s guide in the back of the book, which would prompt group sales. This will add some cost, but not as much as if you needed a full revision of your book.

There are lots of determining factors that play into what the cost will be to relaunch your book and how to approach it. There’s just no simple, easy, one-size-fits-all for relaunching a book!

The main questions to consider are: How can you give your book new legs? Are you willing to do what it takes to relaunch your book with excellence?

Learn More about Our Book Republishing Services

See our sample prices and services information for authors who want to republish or relaunch an existing book.



Here are some goals to set for a successful book relaunch:

  • Make it the best it can be
  • Add value to it if possible
  • Narrow the focus of your target audience
  • Include additional resources such as a suggested reading list or helpful online resources
  • Revise and expand so it can be relaunched as a revised and expanded edition, and not just the same book
  • Add questions in the back of the book or at the end of each chapter; ideally, include interactive questions that could be utilized to discuss the concepts in the book

Wherever you are in your Christian author journey, we’re here to help you. If you’re ready for a no-obligation, free consultation with one of our publishing consultants, please reach out to us.

We love helping authors!

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