In the first part of the Publishing Jungle video series we covered the history of Christian publishing and Redemption Press, types of publishing and publishing terms as well as how you, the Christian author, can do your due diligence and make comparisons to find the best publishing option for your work.

In this second video, we go more in-depth as to what Redemption Press specifically does differently, as well as try to provide an analysis of how that stacks up with other publishers.

We believe in honesty and integrity in publishing and refuse to see you and your work as a commodity — our goal is to empower you, the Christian author. For these reasons Redemption Press has quickly become the nation’s premier independent Christian publisher and we’re humbled by the power of the messages we help broadcast into the world.

Please explore our site, learn more about our work and Christian ethics, or talk with one of our experienced staff members.

At Redemption Press your message is our mission. Let us show you.

Here is an example of what Redemption Press can do for your book concept:

Example of Redemption Press book cover work

Part Two of The Publishing Jungle video series covers:

●Other Indie Author Options

●9 Qualities of a Good Self-Publisher

●The Redemption Press Difference

○Our business model and pricing

○Our options and services

○Reputation and fair fees

●Alternative Redemption Press Options

○Jumpstarter Package

○All Levels of Editing or One-on-One Coaching

○Sermon to Book

○Print, Electronic, and Audio

●Fund Raising

○Pre-Publication Flier

○Offering Donation Opportunities

○Signed and Numbered Limited Edition


Check out our services and we look forward to working with you! Contact us.

Resources to inspire, equip and encourage. (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

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