The Power of The Spoken Word – Sell More Books by Developing or Expanding Your Speaking Platform

Join Athena on Saturday, May 30th at 10 AM PST for this week’s episode of Publishing Today Radio. No matter how you publish, a speaking platform will help you sell more books. Athena and guests will give you tips and takeaways for elevating your speaking game to the next level. You will not want to miss this dynamic topic!

May 30, 2015

Hosted by Athena Dean Holtz

Guest Information

Greg and Julie Gorman


Episode Description

Did you know that the number one fear across the boards, second only to dying, is public speaking? That’s right, the one thing that can most help your book sales could be the most frightening act of your life. That’s why you’ll want to tune in this Saturday and join us as we discuss The Power of the Spoken Word. As an author, you just can’t avoid the word “platform” when hearing about what it takes to have a successful publishing career. And no matter how you publish, independently or the traditional route, or somewhere in between, as the author, you are encouraged to establish a speaking platform in order to sell more books. Don’t miss this dynamic topic. My guests and I will provide you with valuable take away and ideas for taking your speaking strategy to the next level.

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