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Redemption Press – Proud to Partner with the Women of Joy Tour 2018

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God Brings Us Full Circle, Making Redemption Press a Sponsor of the 2018 Women of Joy Tour!

Just four months after launching my Always Faithful Radio show in San Antonio, God opened the door for me to be a media partner with Women of Joy. In early October of 2013, I interviewed a number of their speakers, the founders Phil and Debbie Waldrep, and gave away free tickets to the event to listeners. I was impressed with the conference leadership and their heart for ministry. This event did not have a commercial feel at all, and I appreciated that.

I came to find out that part of the media partnership meant I had some “stage time” in front of about 4,000 ladies sometime during the conference. I asked the production manager if I could introduce Liz Curtis Higgs since we have some history together, but he said it wouldn’t work as she already had a pre-recorded intro. But he did ask if I would like to introduce Chris Tomlin… (jaw drop, weak knees, no words). How could they have known that Chris’s song “Faithful” was the theme song for my new radio show? They didn’t, but God did. It began a connection that would come full circle exactly 4 years later.

In the last 40 days, God miraculously presented an opportunity for Redemption Press to be a sponsor of the 2018 Women of Joy Tour (aptly named “Rescued”). Talk about God giving me the desires of my heart! As I’ve launched a new business model with Redemption Press over the last four years, my mission has been to equip and empower authors to find strategic ways to go direct to their potential readers to sell books, rather than expecting someone else to do the selling for them. I’ve encouraged authors to line up launch parties online, “meet the author” events hosted by their biggest cheerleaders, speak at large ministry conferences, have a booth at a street fair. Bottom line, my message with Redemption Press has been to help authors connect directly with readers and eliminate the middle man whenever possible. But it took these past 40 days for Him to swing the door open, and waiting for Him to bring it to pass was excruciating for me! But He did it in His timing, not mine.

Who would have guessed that God would enrich that mission by allowing us to be present and promote Redemption Press authors and books at 8 different events across the country in 2018? This opportunity includes six Women of Joy conferences and two other additional events (GridIron and Celebrators) created by the same ministry. At each one, we will have an opportunity to share the Redemption Press story and spotlight our authors in front of crowds ranging from 1,200 to 12,000 attendees. It would be an understatement to say I am in awe of what God has orchestrated!

I could never have imagined that when God began to prune me this summer by asking me to step down from women’s ministry leadership and from my weekly radio show that He would have opened this door, but He clearly had it planned and knew how much time and energy this new adventure would take.

The lyrics to the song below on YouTube are especially meaningful to me considering the past several months. He’s in the waiting. WOW. One of the hardest things for me to do. Wait.

Today an email showed up from a friend in my inbox, confirming all I’d felt about The Women of Joy and what God is up to:

I am so happy for you and your partnership with WOJ. I attended the WOJ conference in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a few years ago. I had previously attended some other “big” women’s conferences and was more impressed in the spiritual depth and quality of the WOJ conference. You should feel like you have completed another loop of the Full Circle! The Lord is honoring your ministry.

What a faithful God we serve! He continues to bring so many full circles to glorify His Name and build His Kingdom! We at Redemption Press are humbled to be able to partner with Him in helping so many authors share His message through the written word.

Yep. He is always faithful.


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  1. Oh my, I have been saying I am in God’s waiting room. Thank you for sharing this. It is a word I needed today.

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