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Redemption Press Named Official Publisher for Unplanned Devotional

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In the film Unplanned, set to release next year in theaters nationwide, the subject of Abby Johnson’s discovery journey while working for Planned Parenthood is an emotional roller coaster for many women and men. According to research, post-abortion trauma crosses all socio-economic, racial, cultural, and religious boundaries.* Most women who choose abortion hide their shame and guilt behind a facade, afraid to acknowledge their painful emotions from such a traumatic experience. They do not believe God can forgive them or that they are even a good partner or parent.

From personal stories and corresponding devotionals, Unplanned: A 40-Day Healing Devotional from Post-Abortion Trauma reveals five core areas of emotional turmoil that are often faced following abortions. Where trauma inflicts devastating pain, God extends abundant grace, and the message of God’s love leads readers into their own healing journeys of renewed identity, destiny, and purpose.

Author Lorraine Marie Varela says, “This issue of healing not only touches the hearts of countless women (and men)—this issue also touches the heart of God.”

The Unplanned devotional offers hope to people who have experienced one or more abortions and who suffer from the silent pain of post-abortion trauma. Redemption Press has teamed up with Unplanned to share the hope of healing to those trapped beneath this pain.

Publisher Athena Dean Holtz says, “The first page of my memoir speaks to my own abortion at age nineteen, so this is an amazing full circle for me. Much of my adult life as a Christian has been dedicated to seeing women heal from various traumas in their lives, abortion being high on the list. To be able to publish and promote a book that will surely be a catalyst for that very healing in the lives of scores of women across the globe is nothing short of stunning. I count it a privilege to be part of this message going forth to the nations.”

Unplanned and the accompanying compassionate devotional releases March 2019.


Lorraine Marie Varela, a screenwriter, is the author of Powerful Moments in the Presence of God and Love in the Face of ISIS. She and her husband, Gabriel, co-founded Inspiring Faith International, a ministry to help people from all walks of life draw closer to God. Together they co-led a prayer and ministry team on the film set of Unplanned. Lorraine lives in the Los Angeles area and can be found at

For review copies and media interviews, contact [email protected]

*Statement from the author.

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  1. This will be a beautiful devotional and such a comfort to families who have experienced loss. Congratulations, Lorraine and the Unplanned team!

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Filled with moments for reflection and personal stories from those who have experienced their own journeys of trauma and redemption, this interactive devotional invites readers to begin healing from the pain of post-abortion trauma to freedom and wholeness.

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