News Flash!

Cooperative Agreement to Provide Benefit to Seminary Authors

Enumclaw, WA—October 15, 2014: Redemption Press and Columbia Evangelical Seminary (CES) announced an agreement that will provide students and faculty enhanced opportunities for publishing their work. Signing the agreement today at 11 a.m. PST at The Summit, an Evangelical Free Church, and home of Columbia Evangelical Seminary, were Dr. Rick Walston, president of CES, and Athena Dean Holtz, publisher of Redem​ption Press.

Dr. Rick Walston said, “Columbia Evangelical Seminary is pleased to announce we have entered into an agreement with Redemption Press for the benefit of all CES graduates, students, and faculty. Often, those in the CES family wish to publish their various works, but they do not know where to turn. Now, for those interested, we can point them to CES Press in association with Redemption Press.”

To facilitate this, CES has established its own imprint—CES Press—in partnership with Redemption Press. In addition to the CES Press imprint on qualifying books, current or past students and faculty will receive a five-percent discount on Redemption Press’s publishing services. Redemption Press will also host an online CES Press bookstore.

Publisher Athena Dean Holtz said, “Redemption Press is honored to partner with Columbia Evangelical Seminary in the first of the strategic partnerships we’ve created to work with seminaries across the country, helping them launch their own imprints.” Jessica Gambill said, “Partnering with Redemption Press facilitates opportunities for seminary students and faculties to get their message out through their own seminary’s publishing arm.”

Columbia Evangelical Seminary ( was established in April 1991 to provide enriching biblical, ministerial, and theological training and education through self-paced distance learning. In 2012 recognized CES as one of the top ten graduate programs in Christian apologetics.

Redemption Press ( was launched in January 2014 by Athena Dean Holtz and Jessica Gambill with an innovative, a-la-carte business model tailored to the needs of individual authors. Athena Dean Holtz is a recognized publishing pioneer and leader with over twenty years of Christian self-publishing experience.