At Redemption Press, our focus is ministry-based

At Redemption Press our focus is ministry-based. We work diligently to provide the best value and service to give you support as you answer God's call to share your story.

What does this mean? Redemption Press offers authors a full range of professional services to shepherd your book from idea to publication. Some authors, however, may not need or desire all these services. That's why we offer all services a la carte-giving you the freedom to meet the specific needs of your project.

  • Our markups for services are modest. While we are committed to paying our dedicated staff a living wage, we aren't interested in lining our pockets with exorbitant service fees.
  • You can buy copies of your own books at the manufacturer's cost with no additional mark-up.
  • You, as the author, retain all rights to your book and to the files created to publish your book.
  • We promise to provide the most value for your hard-earned money. This means we won't pitch promotional and advertising campaigns that experience demonstrates return little or no results.
  • We will offer an honest assessment of your project and will not use false flattery to convince you to purchase more services.
  • Finally, we don't offer packages that force you to pay for services you don't need.

Taking a look


When you're ready for an honest opinion of your work.

$215.00. An evaluation, critique and written recommendations on the first three chapters of your manuscript up to 8,500 words; four pages of sample edit.

Extensive Evaluation

In-depth analysis to help you move forward.

First 100 pages-$325.00. Full read of entire manuscript, written critique and concise recommendations, as well as 10 pages of a sample edit. Flat charge for first 100 pages; per page charge for all pages over the initial 100. Additional pages $1.65 per page

Children's Book Evaluation

Helpful feedback for the children's market.

First 100 pages $160.00. Evaluation, critique and written recommendations on the first three chapters of your manuscript up to 5,000 words; four pages of sample edit.


For Beginning & Intermediate Writers


Master lessons uniquely tailored to you.

$270.00 per month. Free 15-minute introductory session. This is your one-on-one writer's workshop with an experienced editor/writer/coach. All issues of a manuscript are addressed: narrative structure, characterization, vocabulary and sentence structure. Contact will be by computer interfacing, phone or e-mail conferencing. Assignments and review of drafts are included. Each month includes the following coaching time:

  • Three 40-minute sessions using your choice of communication via Skype, phone, or e-mail
  • Review of up to 10 pages of content per session
  • Writing assignments by e-mail
  • Additional sessions available at $99 each.


You have the story; we have the expertise.

Custom Quote. We will partner with you to structure and write your book under your name from interviews, written material or transcriptions. The author retains all rights, while the ghostwriter's name is included on the cover. Contact us for a custom quote.

On all editing services from developmental down to copyedit, our rates have been created to be more affordable for higher word counts. In doing so, the higher per page rate only holds for the first 150 pages, and then all additional pages are charged at the lower rate.

Developmental Edit

When major changes are desired and necessary.

$19.50 per page for first 150 pages / $17.50 per page thereafter. Beginning with a combination of copyediting and substantive editing, your material will be rewritten and restructured and your manuscript or parts of your manuscript rewritten. Content and research supplied by the author. The manuscript's overall composition, technical and style elements will be reworked.

Children's Book Edit

(up to 32 pages)

$489.00. A developmental edit includes e-mail consultation.

Children's Book Edit

$755.00 (33-48 pages)

A developmental edit includes e-mail consultation.

Back Cover Copy

A crucial introduction of your work to the world.

$210.00. Back cover copy and sales copy developed by an experienced writer. This includes writing the author's bio and copy that can be used for marketing and advertising as well as a catalog description.

For Intermediate & Advanced Writers

Substantive / Line Edit

Partnering with you to make your work the best it can be.

$11.00 per page for the first 150 pages / $10.00 per page thereafter. In addition to a basic copyediting edit, you will be provided "big picture" recommendations to improve your manuscript's overall structure and composition. Sentences may be restructured to smooth flow. Attention will be paid to stylistic elements, concept, word use, organization, tone and characterization. A professional editor will evaluate, critique, suggest and provide revisions, shaping the material.


Making sure everything is correct.

$5.00 per page for the first 150 pages / $4.44 per page thereafter. Attention to basic writing mechanics. A professional editor will correct your manuscript for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, consistency and correct grammar. Suggestions may be made for changes to syntax, word choice and the elimination of unnecessary words.

For Advanced Writers


That necessary last look-through. 

$1.65 per page. A proofreader will read proofs of your edited and typeset manuscript. This is a final check of the electronic or paper file for minor errors in technical issues spacing, obvious errors and omissions. This is not editing or reading every word of the manuscript, but simply reviewing for formatting issues.

Upon editorial review, if an edited or typeset manuscript is not at a professional standard you will have the option of:

  • Upgrading to the further recommended editing, or
  • Publishing under your own logo.

Pre-Typeset Evaluation

To make sure you're ready.

$0.40 per page. If you are providing an edited manuscript for typesetting services, our editor reviews the manuscript to confirm its readiness for publication.

Your Best Foot Forward

Cover Design

You can judge a book by its cover.

$525.00. A professional cover for print & e-book designed - up to 5 hours allotted and one image purchase. Our professional designers create a custom cover that will draw attention to your message.

Cover Design-Simple

$189.00. If you have the artwork or high-resolution image for the front cover and need a simple design.

Illustrations-Full Color or Black & White

Custom Quote. We work with some of the most talented artists around. Their rates vary widely, so your cost will depend on the artist.

Branding Package

A crucial element in letting your voice be heard.

$680.00. Our professional graphic designer helps you determine your look, your colors, fonts, and branding message. Includes consult, logo, custom business card, stationery, Facebook and Twitter header.

Press Release Development

Key to gaining media attention.

$944.00. Initial press release includes: press release, bio and suggested media questions. Additional charges of $50.00 per hour apply for extra research for additional press kit development, research stats, etc. This option includes proofing and editing and a 2 hour consultation and coaching session with our professional publicist.

Social Media Boot Camp

Training on maximizing your social media potential. 

$826.00. Boot camp is for authors who want to keep social media management in-house, but know they need to sharpen their skills to make the effort worthwhile. Choose three sites to master or allow us to suggest the best platforms for your brand. Options include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. Our Social Media Coach will provide a foundational sixty minutes of training on social media strategy and sixty minutes of training for each social media platform. Total time is 4 hours. In addition to one-on-one training, you will receive an e-manual covering all of the topics from each training session including screenshots from the platform.

What you will learn:

  • Social Media 101
  • Theories for how to use the site
  • What kind of people can be reached on the site
  • Tricks of the trade for navigating the site
  • How to manage your site and delight your audience in 3 hours per week or less
  • How to grow, maintain, and handle your audience
  • How to write and post great content
  • How to build a content schedule
  • Appropriate site etiquette
  • And more …


Almost Ready

Book Registration & Project Management

Personalized service to walk you through the process of publishing and registering yourISBN, Copyright, Books in Print. The price for this service depends on the level of editing required for your project.

Custom Text / Image Layout

Getting ready for paper.

$250.00. Your manuscript will be formatted for a printed book (not e-book) with headers, page numbers, chapter title pages to match the cover, table of contents, front and back matter. Includes placement of up to five charts, photos, or graphic images. If your book requires an index, additional placement of graphs, charts or photos, additional charges will apply. Price includes two rounds of corrections. Additional images placed within layout $2.50 each

Copyright Submission

Keeping your work yours.

$115.00 Our offices will complete the required forms to submit your book for a copyright through the US Copyright Office, ensuring the intellectual property is properly registered in your name as the author. This includes the fee to the US Copyright Office.

E-book Conversion & Distribution

That necessary e-step.

$295.00. If you have contracted Redemption Press to design your cover and lay out your text for a print version of your book, we will use those files to convert your book into both ePub and Kindle formats and provide distribution to 99 percent of all e-book channels for this low price. You will receive 90 percent of net revenues from e-book sales.


Managing quotations from copyrighted material beyond "fair use."

$40.00. If your manuscript is quoting other authors from books, magazine articles, website content, songs, cartoons or poems, our professional literary permission specialist works directly with the publishers who hold the copyright to the content you want to cite. Fees are per request plus publisher's required permission fee, if any.