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Find the answers you are seeking with Doreen Virtue!

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On today’s episode, Doreen Virtue.

From new age practices to whole-hearted salvation, in today’s episode we discuss how it seemed Doreen had everything she ever wanted but was still seeking the truth. Doreen Virtue left the new age to surrender her life to Jesus, saved from deception in 2017 she is dedicated to teaching women how to study The Bible and denounces her previous work with new age practices that are still being championed, followed, and sought out.

Key Ideas:

  • Breaking free from deception
  • Learning to trust God
  • Read scripture every single day

Doreen Virtue Quotes:

“It broke me and I needed to be broken.”

Find the answers you are seeking with Doreen Virtue

“Anything that glorifies yourself is not biblical.”

Find the answers you are seeking with Doreen Virtue

Athena Dean Holtz Quotes:

“We normalize things to where no one questions it and that just leaves the door open for the enemy.”

Find the answers you are seeking with Doreen Virtue

Where to Find Them!

Doreen Virtue

Athena Dean Holtz:


Women’s ministry. Encourage others. Your story. Share your story. Write your story. Be a voice!

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  1. This is SO GOOD!!!!! Oh my she is speaking about everything I have tried so hard to warn other friends about and their ears are just plugged and do not want to hear. This is so frustrating when people you love and care about just will not believe me. I studied World Religions and Cults in Bible college so I could learn all the false teachings yet my peers never take my words of warning as truth. My mom was my biggest obstacle in all these things Doreen is talking about. Her and I butted heads big time when I would tell her all the things Doreen is talking about were not things Christians should be involved in. Her reaction to me was…If God did not want me doing this HE would tell me and he is not so YOU are hearing wrong, yoga is just stretching etc. She gifted me with EVERY one of those Sarah Young Jesus calling books, and every Joel Osteen book, and even the book, The Secret and every hypnosis DVD she could find and the whole Positive Thinking book out there. She would never listen to me, my friends don’t listen to me. It is so hard when I try to speak truth in these things and I am just dismissed. I have no idea if mom believed in the enneagram or not but possibly not due to the fact she never bought me the books. I use to work with a practicing Wiccan witch. That was interesting as she tried hard to convince me that we worshipped the same but of course we did not. Anyway sorry for the long response BUT i so appreciate this interview! I shared it to my page and I hope people will listen to it.

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