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Gathering the Wayward Heart: Lessons on Faith, Trust, and Surrendering Our Best-Laid Plans

About The Book

What happens when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned?

All of us have dreams and plans for our future. We set out with aspirations and expectations that define who we are and what we hope to become. But when we boldly move forward without God, we are prone to disappointment and attacks from the enemy. Some of us become victims, damaged in ways we never imagined, surrounded by our broken pieces and wondering how we ended up at this place of desolation.

Tracey Glenn was one of those victims. As she lived life without God in sight, Satan ensnared her in his trap. Placing her value as a person in the opinions of others led to date rape in college and catapulted Tracey into years of self-loathing, self-destruction, and self-sabotage as she attempted to measure up to society’s standards—but that wasn’t the plan God had for her. Told with grit, humor, and raw authenticity, Gathering the Wayward Heart is one woman’s story of how God protects and rescues Tracey from harrowing circumstances and near-catastrophic events to establish her feet on new ground.

Gathering the Wayward Heart comes with

· a study guide for each chapter,

· relevant Scripture verses,

· introspective questions, and

· an opportunity to grow deeper in faith, pursue victory over the enemy, and find healing in the Lord.

Tracey’s story inspires those trapped by shame from events in their past to know they have a Savior who pursues, protects, and heals. God does not promise us a life without sorrow or trouble, but He does give us peace to move beyond tragedy into the life He has for us.

“I am an overcomer because God gave me victory over tragedy. Through all of my trials, I discovered myself, not the person I am in this world, but who I am in Christ.”

—Tracey Glenn

About The Author

Tracey Glenn

Tracey Glenn is an author, blogger, speaker, and searcher of biblical wisdom. With a heart for God, kids, and all God’s creatures, Tracey engages heart and mind to help others understand God’s truth. Tracey has an associate’s degree in psychology, completed the Living Waters School of Biblical Evangelism, and co-founded a business that provides services for children with special needs. She lives in southeast Arizona with her husband, Link. They have three children and four grandkids.

Tracey Glenn

Quotes from... Gathering the Wayward Heart: Lessons on Faith, Trust, and Surrendering Our Best-Laid Plans

When we put faith in things and not God, whatever it is will eventually end up shattered or shattering us.

There are so many ways the Lord reaches down and helps us. He can use anyone or anything to intervene on our behalf.

People who do not know God attribute moments of protection or good fortune to “luck” or “the Universe,” but the Bible clearly states that God is in control of everything.

Believer, you must fight to the end because the Lord wants you to be victorious, and if you are living inside His will, He does fight for you.

God intervenes daily to protect us from situations that could derail or destroy us, and if we will humbly turn to Him when we stumble, He is faithful to both shield us and restore us.

We have to stand on God’s promises and remember He strategically positions people and controls situations for our benefit and protection.

A child with special needs was not in my plan, but God doesn’t make mistakes.

It does not matter what circumstance you face in life, because all that truly counts is your perspective and determination.

The enemy can have a powerful grip on us through our shortcomings, but destroying that hold can come only with God’s help.

God reshapes us with His hands and prepares us for the calling He has placed on our lives.

When we count our scars, we look at the pain of the past, not the hope of the future.

We light a match in every decision we make, and when we strike without seeking God’s will, the flame can either burn out or blaze in destruction.

God works all things for our good, but we need to be willing to go through the fire to receive the blessing.

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