Your Not-so-Ordinary Grandmother Written by Tracee LynBrown Wood Illustrated by Cassee Arbin Wood

Your Not-So-Ordinary Grandmother


About The Book

Grandma, Mam-Maw, Gigi, Abuela . . . Whatever you call her, your grandmother holds a special place in your heart. She sings songs, bakes treats, plays catch, and isn’t afraid to touch the worms when she takes you fishing! She can be traditional, up to date, or anything in between. But what makes her the best grandmother of all is that she’s your not-so-ordinary grandmother, who is always glad to see you, hugs you tight, and loves you big—forever and ever.

About The Author

Cindy LynBrown Wood

Tracee Wood is a wife, mother, and grandmother who has loved writing all her life. She has created homeschool programs, has spoken at homeschool conferences, and wouldn’t trade a moment of the years she spent homeschooling her own two daughters. She and her husband live in the home his grandfather built over sixty years ago. Currently a small business owner, Tracee is a sole proprietor of an administrative LLC and a partner in a web design and online marketing company—both enterprises allow Tracee to help small businesses and nonprofits get noticed through writing copy, such as guest blogs, articles, and website content.  

Tracee LynBrown Wood

About The Illustrator

Tracee LynBrown Wood

Cassee Arbin Wood

Illustrator Cassee Arbin Wood, Tracee Wood’s youngest daughter, holds a 2022 bachelor of arts in both psychology and sociology. A passionate advocate for Christ and missions, she loves working with children and students. Her artistic talents find expression in various mediums of painting and drawing.

Quotes from... Your Not-So-Ordinary Grandmother

  • Grandmothers are a special gift! They even have special names of their very own.
  • Mam-Maw is super sweet, and so are all the yummy things she bakes. 
  • Grams will take you fishing. She’s not even afraid to touch the worms.  
  • Oma has a story for every occasion, and she’s always ready to share.
  • And then there is YaYa. She’s all of these and more!

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