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Seeking Sanctuary: Finding God


About The Book

After Jesus experienced an exhausting day with his disciples and the multitudes of people who sought him out, he headed to the hills to be alone with his Father and to regroup. What would happen if we, too, followed the model set by Jesus and prioritized time to be alone and unhindered with our Creator—time to be in sanctuary with him?

In her encouraging devotional Seeking Sanctuary: Finding God, Sharon Lamson shares her hunger and passion for regular sanctuary with God—removed from all distractions and focused on conversing with him, meditating, resting, thinking, and listening to his Holy Spirit.

Seeking Sanctuary provides glimpses of Sharon’s life—challenges, successes, failures, and all—while illustrating how God has intimately revealed himself to her. Drawn especially to nature and prone to seek refuge with Jesus on long prayer walks along Lake Michigan, Sharon shares the lessons God has spoken to her. Through her observations of birds or flowers or even a solitary blade of grass, you’ll resonate with what he has taught her about elements such as fear, control, and gratefulness.

Brief questions at the end of each chapter will provide you with opportunities for personal reflection and inspire you to find sanctuary with God and to look for him in all situations.

About The Author

Sharon E. Lamson

Sharon Lamson is a talented author, editor, and copywriter, with published works for both adults and children. She is especially proud of a seven-book fictional series she coauthored, which received recognition from the International Board on Books for Young People. Sharon lives in Michigan and cherishes spending time in God’s creation, most notably enjoying prayer walks along the shores of Lake Michigan. With a loving husband, five adult children, and nine grandchildren, Sharon is never short for new stories.

Sharon Lamson

Quotes from... Seeking Sanctuary: Finding God

Talking to God enables me to hear the Holy Spirit’s words and then respond whether it’s just breathing or crying or laughing.

To me, sanctuary is a safe place, a spot for conversations with God.

When Jesus experienced an exhausting day with his disciples and the multitudes of people who sought him out, he headed to the hills to be alone with his Father.

I sat on the warm sand, enjoyed the sweet scents and thought about the times I had given only a passing acknowledgment of the colors of flowers, sounds of wildlife, scents of pine trees, and even the taste of ice water on hot days.

But when I take the time to engage my surroundings and tune into the creation symphony, the invitation to join the choir finds my spirit singing and praising the Choirmaster.

True, I may be but a miniscule speck in the ever-growing universe cosmos, but I am his miniscule speck, and he knows exactly where I am—all the time.

He wants to use the resources—people, places, crows, and desires—he has blessed us with to teach us, expand our world, show gratitude and take time to listen when he has something for us to do.

And when infectious negativity and hopelessness surround me, God sends things like tiny purple flowers to remind me that he has immunized me to the woes of the world.

The more we expect him to talk to us—be it a voice within you, a message through the scriptures, worship music, sermons, or encounters that we think are coincidences—the more we will hear him.

Praise God for all the blessings he has for you, sing songs, cry, laugh, and just experience God the Father, through Jesus and his Holy Spirit.

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