Walking With the Healer: Finding Hope and Encouragement Through the Shadow of Death


About The Book

A wife’s devoted prayers for her husband’s healing carries her through an intense cancer journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.


When Rebecca Gilham found out that her husband, Rick, had cancer, she decided to trust God, and they discovered many earthly ways Jesus showed them love and support. But when the cancer grew into a rare, aggressive form of lymphoma, Rick’s chances for survival were in the single digits.


Watching her husband’s body deteriorate day after day, Rebecca knew this was not of God. A December challenge to read a chapter a day in Luke sent her on a trek through Scripture in which she discovered how Jesus healed. The paralytic man, the blind man, and the woman with the issue of blood received full healing power. “Why can’t Jesus do the same for Rick?” Rebecca asked herself.


Walking With the Healer: Finding Hope and Encouragement Through the Shadow of Death is a powerful but gentle memoir of one couple’s intense journey through cancer. Readers will gain strength for healing in their own lives, perhaps in ways they might not expect.

About The Author

Rebecca Gilham

Rebecca Gilham and her husband, Rick, have been married over thirty years. Together they have experienced Jesus through hardship and happiness. Rebecca enjoys teaching music and is a school chaplain. She is a certified minister with the Assemblies of God and leads a weekly Bible study for women. She and her husband live in Chehalis, Washington, love to watch old TV shows and movies, and appreciate quality time with family.

Rebecca Gilham

Quotes from... Walking With the Healer: Finding Hope and Encouragement Through the Shadow of Death

Little did I know that sitting in the car alone waiting for news of my husband’s health would become a common occurrence.

Discovering Walmart wasn’t open yet, I drove home. I am really by myself in this, I thought. It was even too early to distract myself with shopping.

My phone buzzed and I jumped. With hands shaking I opened the text from my husband, and gasped. “Come get me. They are sending me to an Olympia doctor. I have a mass on my spine. Fractured L-1. Thinking cancer.”

Jesus sees us when we are bound in sin or sickness. We may not be able to see Him, but He sees us and calls us to come closer. He longs to say, “You are freed!” And when we are weak, He helps us up.

Jesus knows that sometimes we simply need the giving, gentle touch of kindness from another human being. We can be the hands of Jesus to touch and heal each day.

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