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Jay’s Tale: A true story of rescue, restoration, and release


About The Book


It’s the Independence Day picnic at Hidden Creek Ranch! Everyone from Save Our Streets Ministries gathers to enjoy a sunny day of celebration—and surprise. When several children bring an injured baby bird to the ranch owner, Patricia, she promises to try to nurse it back to health. Little do any of them realize that doing so will reveal God’s life-changing love for his creatures. As the nestling strengthens, his feathers grow in, and some unexpected visitors arrive, a journey of healing unfolds that parallels the story of the Good Samaritan—and the work of SOS Ministries to rescue, restore, and release the hurting.

About The Author

Patricia Hefti

Patricia Hefti, a retired homeschooling parent, holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, a Masters of Education, and an Elementary Education teaching certificate, all from Texas A&M University. She taught elementary school children at The Lighthouse International Outreach Center church school and worked in the TAMU Biology Department and the TAMU Medical School’s Biochemistry/Biophysics Department as a laboratory technician. For twenty years, Patricia served as a children’s pastor at local churches. Mother to two grown daughters, Rebekah and Candace, and grandmother to Caroline, Patricia lives on a ranch in Bryan, Texas, with her husband Roy. 

Quotes from... Jay’s Tale: A true story of rescue, restoration, and release

  • I was enjoying the peaceful day when all at once . . . someone placed a leaf-wrapped package into my hands. 
  • Like a band of paramedics, we marched to the house: Adam, Alesha, Alec, Marlene, and I.
  • The nestling looked so helpless and hurt, but the children’s faces brightened with hope and reassurance.
  • Jay had to be fed—and he was counting on me!
  • Jay gulped everything down like a bottomless pit!
  • Two adult mockingbirds flew to the porch and landed on top of the cage!
  • In place of the sticks on his wings, smooth, beautiful feathers were beginning to develop.
  • When I told the children what had happened, they were as shocked as I was. It was almost too good to be true!
  • Jay used his beautiful new flight feathers and his newfound strength and energy to fly up to the top of the cage.
  • What a happy day—to know that Jay, who was once a victim of violence, had become a bright-eyed, courageous wonder of nature!

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