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Christmas Traditions through the Lens of Scripture: A Book for Advent


About The Book

Advent is one of the busiest and most commercialized times of the year. The weeks leading up to Christmas are packed full of shopping, gift giving, recitals, parties, holiday movies, and more. It’s easy to get lost in the rush of the season and completely miss the reason for the celebration. How can Christian families keep the focus of their celebration on the birth of Jesus Christ when so much else clamors for attention? This book can help!

Christmas Traditions through the Lens of Scripture is an advent book like no other. For each day of December leading up to Christmas Day, author Marissa Barbee looks at one common element of traditional Christmas celebrations and finds a scriptural tie-in, even for those elements rooted in secular elements. From Christmas trees, candy canes, stars, and decorations to Santa Claus and his reindeer, Marissa helps parents teach their children to look for Jesus in the unexpected details. Each entry includes a “Digging Deeper” listing of related Scripture to boost the day’s reading into a true Bible study.

Full-color illustrations, created by Marissa’s own daughter, enhance this engaging Bible study and are repeated in the back of the book, which may be cut out and used for an advent calendar.

About The Author

Marissa Barbee

Marissa Barbee is a wife of twenty years and a home-educating mother of nine. Marissa and her husband, Scott, live in Colorado and enjoy playing games with their children and tackling projects—from the challenges of gardening in the Rockies to the DIY remodeling of their home.

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Marissa Barbee

Rave Reviews for... Christmas Traditions Through the Lens of Scripture: An Advent Book


These helpful advent devotions will guide your whole family in drawing spiritual applications from the familiar objects, sights, and sounds that fill the holiday.

— Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

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