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Faithful Before, Faithful Again A 21-Day Challenge: Finding God Faithful in an Anxious World


About The Book

21 Days of Encouragement with God’s Faithfulness for Moms

Take the twenty-one day challenge to discover God’s faithfulness for each season of motherhood. Relatable and encouraging stories of God’s faithfulness will point you to the ever-present God who promises peace for anxious hearts in times of stress and anxiety in parenting.


Do you experience anxiety and stress when you encounter challenges in raising your children?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the weight of your children’s activities and busy schedules and wonder who you are?

Or are you an empty-nester mom searching for a new purpose?


Because God has been faithful to us before, we can know He will be faithful again in the future.

Journaling pages with space for reflective responses will encourage spending daily time with Jesus in His Word to discover His faithfulness for yourself.

About The Author

Lynn Nitcher

Native Texan Lynn Nitcher earned a degree in French with a certification to teach, worked in early childhood education in both private and public school settings for fourteen years, and is the host of The Drive Thru Moms podcast. Married to her college sweetheart for thirty-four years, Lynn is the mother of three and Nana of two, and was a stay-at-home mom for sixteen years. She lives in the Dallas area where she enjoys Pilates, watching basketball, playing with her grandbabies and golden doodle Maverick. Visit Lynn online at


Quotes from... Faithful Before, Faithful Again A 21-Day Challenge: Finding God Faithful in an Anxious World

Day Two: "Encouraging our children to face opportunities and obstacles through a biblical lens can alleviate anxiety, which often accompanies the unknown." (See page 22)

Day Two: "Recognizing God’s past faithfulness sustains us in new and trying situations. By taking Scripture to heart, we can trust God’s love for us and daily remind ourselves of his purpose and intention for our life on earth, even in the mundane." (See page 23)

Day Nine: "For the first time in years, I was faced with the question: What now? Was I now considered off duty after twenty-five years? I suddenly felt unneeded. The slow realization of where my identity had settled turned into a heavy cloud that shadowed many of the coming days." (See page 63-64)

Day Nine: "The more I realized my identity had become deeply entrenched in the lives of my family, perhaps even to the detriment of my own spiritual growth and sanctification, the more God spoke the truth of who I really am ... a servant of the Most High King." (see page 65)

Day Thirteen: "Am I living out what I preach to the children in my life, making him truly first? What I live in front of them is important. Or am I placing him on a small back shelf, where no one can really see, but available in case someone asks?" (See page 88)

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