Indwelt: Christian Maturity through the Holy Spirit

About The Book

When we believe on Jesus, the Holy Spirit indwells us and we miraculously become new creatures. As such, we will be able to grow and do wonderous things through Him.

With enlightening insight in his book Indwelt, Larry Massa explores the Holy Spirit’s involvement in mankind, from creation through eternity. Massa starts with the Holy Spirit’s labors over the entire Old Testament, including

· pre-flood society,

· evidence rain did not cause the Great Flood,

· the impact of the Israelite nation.

Massa further chronicles the Holy Spirit’s manifestation in the New Testament, covering

· the creation of the church,

· a Christian’s role in the post-rapture period,

· eternal life on a new earth in a new universe.

Indwelt supplies a richer knowledge of the Holy Spirit’s role in your own spiritual journey, encompassing

· spiritual growth,

· the crucial aspects of love, sin, and forgiveness,

· how increasing faith enhances spiritual power.

You will learn how you can be transformed from having a baby spirit to a mature one by living with complete reliance on the Holy Spirit.

About The Author

Larry Massa

Larry Massa is a longtime Christian leader and teacher with a passion for studying Christian scholars and apologetics. He has a gift for unraveling and explaining biblical complexities. Larry has written three other books as well as multiple articles and blog entries to facilitate deeper biblical understanding. He also encourages spiritual growth and maturity through his website,

Quotes from... Indwelt: Christian Maturity through the Holy Spirit

“This book will detail how globally He has impacted creation and how individually He helps people grow within their faith.”

“But before understanding how the Holy Spirit helps us as Christians mature in faith and how He impacts the world at large, we must understand who the Holy Spirit is.”

“It is about growth of the spiritual part of mankind so our faith can have power.”

“God is one, yet God is three is impossible to conceive as being simultaneously true to our finite minds.”

“This book focuses on Him throughout all time—past and future—with special emphasis on how He can help us strengthen our faith to reach a sound level of spiritual maturity.”

“When we accept Jesus into our life, the Holy Spirit maneuvers circumstances, events, attitudes, actions, and many other things to achieve the best ultimate outcome.”

“The Holy Spirit carried out a new strategy to deal with mankind, rather than just contend with their consciences.”

“Our spirit grows with how much we allow the Holy Spirit to teach us and subsequently learn from Him.”

“To become a mature, adult spirit, we must fully understand forgiveness and love.”

“Spiritual growth is merely increasing inner confidence and assurance of the power the Holy Spirit has in our daily life.”

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