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She Speaks Stories: Finding Hope, Help, and Healing in a Hard World


About The Book

Party-girl Katie Hawkins doesn’t really contemplate religion and God much—until a needed teaching job falls in her lap. Katie begins working at a private school, where she teaches hungover, smokes in the teachers’ lounge, and makes up her own answers to her students’ questions about Jesus. She would never have imagined that she would soon become a Spirit-filled follower of Jesus with a passion for glorifying God.

In She Speaks Stories: Finding Hope, Help, and Healing in a Hard World, Katie chronicles how she has seen God working in her life, providing hope amid despair, help in times of trouble, and healing amid brokenness. Through stories of Katie’s ordinary and everyday struggles—and bigger trials too—she demonstrates how hardships can create a pathway to connection with God.

Heartfelt and engaging, She Speaks Stories will inspire you to connect with the bigger story of God, discover His grace and mercy, and develop a deep, meaningful, and authentic relationship with Him.

About The Author

Katie Hawkins

Katie Hawkins lives with a joyful and enthusiastic passion to glorify God and make Him known. She blogs, co-hosts a podcast called She Speaks Stories, and leads online discipleship courses—all to encourage women and help lead them to hope in Jesus. Katie is a gifted leader and Bible teacher, and she has used her gifts to start various ministries, organize mission projects, lead retreats, and teach Bible studies. Married to a former marine, Katie and her family moved all over the US and even to Japan, before settling in Virginia. They have four children, two daughters-in-law, and five grandkids. She’s never met a stranger and loves hearing and sharing peoples stories. Reading is her foremost hobby, but she also loves to play games, socialize, hike, and swim. You can connect with her at [email protected]. or follow on Facebook or Instagram, the She Speaks Stories pages.

Katie Hawkins

Quotes from... She Speaks Stories: Finding Hope, Help, and Healing in a Hard World

The whole reason behind speaking stories of my life isn’t to tell you about me, but about our Mighty God and how He helps people like me.

So, dear reader, I’m hoping my story will help you connect with the bigger story of God at work in an ordinary life.

It’s my story of finding hope amid despair, help in times of trouble, and healing when bodies, souls, or relationships seem broken beyond repair—and not just my story, but the tales of others who wove their way into my own, dropping wisdom along the way.

She knew my habits, my sins, and my ignorance, yet she had a confidence that God loved me and wanted me to know Him.

There was a lot of excitement in my life, so why, then, did I have this inner longing for more?

It’s the Holy Spirit, sent into our spirits when we turn to Him in faith, who gives us the spiritual discernment to understand the things of God.

In retrospect, God was answering my prayers—my bigger, spiritual prayers, not my smaller, earthly, comfort prayers.

God showed me clearly that the image I had of myself was not the image He had of me.

Like all stories, at least the good ones, there were conflict and trials and death and evil, but also hope and love, and in the end, rescue

Let’s all speak our stories to help one another live wisely and well and find the path that connects to the great love of God.

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