An Anointed Mess

An Anointed Mess: Discovering the Daily Adventure of Grace


About The Book

Whether our struggles seem big or small, life changing, or merely mildly annoying, we generally just want God to take them away. But what if we changed our mindset to instead seek God’s grace in the midst of these difficulties?


Author Karen Pennington considers grace the key to experiencing God’s victory, transformation, and peace in the everyday chaos as well as in the major life challenges. An Anointed Mess: Discovering the Daily Adventure of Grace will inspire you to not only seek God’s grace but also become a bearer of this heavenly gift, ultimately empowering you to manage life’s ups and downs with joy, faith, and integrity.


Karen beautifully weaves personal experiences with biblical parallels and common burdens of today that intimately connect us with one another, such as anxiety, forgiveness, weakness, shame, and control. Engaging and easy to read, An Anointed Mess will benefit the reader as either a personal devotional or a group study. Each chapter includes insightful questions encouraging you to discover how God’s Word and grace intersect with your own story.

About The Author

Karen Pennington

A podcaster committed to seeking the excellence, fun, and wisdom of God in daily living, Karen Pennington also has written and published Christian magazine articles. Her career has centered on education and Christian ministry, including local, regional, and national lay ministries; curriculum development; and conference and seminar planning. Karen now enjoys substitute teaching and serving at her church. She and her husband, Ben, live in Jamestown, New York, and consider church and Sunday family dinners—with granddaughter Amelia (the light of their lives), daughter Alethea, and son-in-law Baker—the highlight of each week. Second to being in the presence of those she loves, Karen’s happy places are the beach and in the middle of a good clearance sale. She hosts the Daily Adventures in Grace podcast at

Karen Pennington

Rave Reviews for... An Anointed Mess: Discovering the Daily Adventure of Grace


Earned a permanent spot on my bookshelf!

“Over the years I’ve accumulated TONS of inspirational books. After one read many of those books wind up in a box in my garage or in a giveaway bin. But not this book. An Anointed Mess is one that has earned a spot on my bookshelf–for rereading and referencing. Unlike many spiritually motivated books, this one is real, raw and gets down to the nitty-gritty of our messy, human walk with God.”

- Annette Marie Griffin, award-winning author


The book is beautifully written

“The book is beautifully written and I absolutely love that each chapter has an Our Story, My Story, God’s Story, and Your Story breakdown. By doing this the author has effectively combined Biblical truth with personal testimony in a way that leads to life application. This book made me think about God’s ways and His plans in a whole new light, and I know it will do the same for any reader who is struggling to better understand how God could ever use their messy life for His glory.”

- Christian leadership expert Peggy Bodde


A heartfelt sharing of a life lived for God through lessons learned

“An Anointed Mess is Karen Pennington’s sharing of moments of Grace in her life through trusting God. In fourteen well laid out chapters, she first writes a general explanation, then her personal experience, then a story in scripture that mirrors her own, and finally 5-7 thoughtful questions for readers to consider.

I found myself hurrying through the general explanations to get to her own experiences. Most of them hit home in my life. The Bible connections just proved that our modern “messes” aren’t new.

By reading one of the chapters each day, I know I would grow in the Graces she highlights.’”

- Jackie Houchin

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