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Front Cover of God's View of You by Colleen Mehrer

God’s View of You: Discovering Your Biblical Worth


About The Book

Trying to live up to others’ expectations and their own performance standards can leave women feeling anxious and exhausted. But what if those struggles are based on false perceptions and lies? What if women could understand where their flawed and tainted beliefs come from and learn how to replace those lies with truth?

In her freshly updated book, God’s View of You: Discovering Your Biblical Worth, author and speaker Colleen Mehrer equips women to address the root causes of their self-worth struggles and inspires them to develop, cultivate, and maintain a lifestyle of biblical worth.

“As women explore the reasons why they feel the way they do, and learn to replace the lies they believe with the truth of God’s word, they experience more peace and joy in their lives,” Mehrer says.

Utilizing true-life stories as well as action steps, guided study features, and introspection prompts, God’s View of You provides practical application strategies, creating a safe haven in which lies are revealed and truth is proclaimed.

Well-suited for both individual and small group use, this book includes a Leader’s Guide designed to help facilitators guide others toward the discovery of their true biblical worth.

About The Author

Colleen Mehrer

Colleen Mehrer is an author, small group study leader, and speaker at women’s events. She holds a degree in medical technology and is passionate about physical and spiritual health education. She also adores spending time with her children and grandchildren.

When not at home in Minnesota, Colleen and her husband can be found exploring the United States and the world.

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Rave Reviews for... God’s View of You: Discovering Your Biblical Worth


“No matter what stumbling block is keeping you from having a godly perspective about yourself, Colleen’s book will help you attain a biblical view of your worth.”

— D.N.


“…genuine, biblical, practical, visionary…personally catalytic for me…”

— M.S.


“ is filled with insight, kindness, personal stories and practical application. It has blessed me again and again.”

— N.H.

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