Kyra A Life of Simple Surrender by Cynthia G. Smith

Kyra: A Life of Simple Surrende


About The Book

“There are times in our life when we meet a person who impacts us in a significant way. Some of us might call this person’s influence ‘an eternal impact.’ Kyra Carp Karr had such an impact on me.” 

—Kim Lewis, executive director, Bartow Family Resources,

Cartersville, Georgia

When missionary Kyra Karr was killed in a car accident, Cindy Smith struggled to understand God’s plan. At the same time she marveled over the family’s faith through the tragic loss of the young mother of three who faithfully served with her husband Reid as a missionary in Rome, Italy. Inspired by Kyra’s life and the difference she’d made in her short life, Cindy set out to create a legacy for Kyra’s family and friends and for others who could be encouraged by it. 


Kyra: A Life of Simple Surrender is the story of an ordinary young woman with an extraordinary faith and capacity for love. This unique book is filled with stories from Kyra’s life, told through highlights from her faith journey, testimonials from her celebration of life, and even favorite recipes. It also contains honest journal entries that reveal her spiritual, emotional, and relational struggles, and how God was her source of strength in every season of her life. Get ready to be inspired by Kyra’s remarkable life of joy, friendship, love, and simple surrender to the One who orchestrated its every moment. 

About The Author

Cindy Smith

With a master’s in pastoral counseling, Cindy Smith has served in church ministry positions, and at Bartow Family Resources, a pregnancy care center that touches over a thousand individuals each year. Retired, she volunteers as a women’s ministry leader at LifePoint Church in Cartersville, a court-appointed special advocate, and encourages courageous people to tell their stories through her YouTube channel Cartersville Conversations. She and her husband, Ray, have three grown sons, one daughter-in-love, and one granddaughter. Cindy and Ray live in the country outside Atlanta, Georgia, surrounded by their neighbor’s cows.

Cindy Smith

Quotes from... Kyra: A Life of Simple Surrender

There are times in our life when we meet a person who impacts us in a significant way. Some of us might call this person’s influence “an eternal impact.” Kyra Carp Karr had such an impact on me. 

To know Kyra was to love and learn from Kyra. I did both.

Kyra’s life was both ordinary and extraordinary.

I struggled to resolve the anger I felt. In my head knowledge I knew God was good, but how could this tragedy be good? I must be honest; I could not see God’s goodness in it. I wanted answers to “Why Kyra?”

Her walk with God was not a religion full of rules, it was a relationship full of grace and mercy.

Although Kyra stood out, she was, like each of us, a person who struggled with everyday stresses. Yet, even during mundane challenges, her honesty and humble heart brought peace to those around her.

For Kyra, the Bible became a treasure. She knew that it had a value that could not be measured in dollars. She knew that it held answers to life’s deepest questions, and she read it as if it was speaking only to her.

If anyone knew how to make friends, it was Kyra.

Time has a way of weaving dreams into stories, stories into history, and history into legacy.

Kyra did not complicate her relationship with Jesus. She just walked with Him in simple surrender

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