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Beyond: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storms


About The Book

Unwanted, unexpected, and devastating life storms come in many shapes and sizes. They carry labels like addiction, death, infertility, divorce, bankruptcy, diagnosis, estrangement. So when the winds change suddenly and we’re caught in the middle of a downpour, where do we turn for help to survive the storm?

In Beyond: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storms, Cindy Saab invites us to reach for the God of hope. Insightful Bible teaching, thought-provoking questions, and stories of those who have sailed similar seas create encouraging lessons to help navigate the rough waters. Brief daily lessons break down biblical concepts into easy-to-understand pieces. Journaling prompts create space to pour out a hurting heart to the Savior. An abundance of Scripture declares the great love and care of the Father. Learn how refuge, hope, trust, love, joy, and strength can be found even under the darkest clouds.

God has a plan for you—and it doesn’t include staying in this tempest forever. Reach for Christ and sail through this storm to something beyond.

About The Author

Cindy Saab

Cindy is an intentional CEO—a Connector and Encourager to Others. She loves to inspire, empower, equip, and coach those traveling through unexpected storms and motivate them toward new seasons of life. Cindy is an award-winning Bible study author, a passionate communicator, and a strong biblical teacher who participates in Christian writing and speaking conferences and coordinates for a nationwide Christian outreach ministry. The mother of two adult children, she can often be found at the local coffee shop or the inspirational beach near her New Hampshire home.


Quotes from... Beyond: Finding Strength and Hope Through Unexpected Storms

Fear of the unknown evaporates when you know the one who is all knowing.

When we cease trying to control the situation, we cease blocking the amazing outcome.

We find peace, comfort, and confidence in knowing who God is, reflecting on how God has helped us in the past, and acknowledging God’s promise to never leave us.

What we view as a delay for the worst outcome is often an intervention for the best outcome.

Our hope is found in God’s divine abundant love.  It is not a question of how much we love God, but a demonstration of God’s love for us. God’s love overflows without any restraint or limits.


What we once considered crushing and life altering, in time and by God’s grace, becomes a pivotal point to a new direction, a new mind set, a new confidence, new strength.

Yes, life is hard. We suffer in unfair situations, experience deep disappointments, deal with betrayal, experience physical pain. But when we choose to shift our focus to God, when we seek him and step out in faith, we discover triumphant joy.

When we are feeling weary and battle worn, the Lord gives us his strength in his way and his time.

The giver of life, the God of all grace, the God who has called us, he himself will restore, repair, or adjust us. He will make us ready for who, what, and how he wants us to be, for our good and for his glory.

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