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I’m Such a Messterpiece: Shattering Stigmas, (Re)framing Our Fears, and Finding Ourselves Fully Loved


About The Book

Life is not without suffering, but suffering is not without hope.


Have you ever felt the tension of loving Jesus while living with anxiety, depression, trauma, or chronic illness? If so, you’re in the right place, and you’re not alone. 


God tells us in His Word that we are chosen, beloved, and divinely crafted to do good works. But fear can send us into a shame spiral where we feel like too much, not enough, and beyond repair. So how do we grab hold of the freedom Jesus offers us when we feel like a prisoner in our own body? 


In I’m Such a Messterpiece, Andrea M. Nyberg shares her struggles in hopes of bringing awareness and solidarity to others who are facing a crisis of faith, identity, and mental health. With tools from her time in therapy and insight from Scripture, Andrea invites us into the deep work of being renewed, restored, and rebuilt—just as it says in Isaiah 61. 


This book is an invitation to (re)frame the fears that hold us captive by considering that pain and hope can hold hands, a mess can still be a masterpiece, and the God who created us will be with us, will strengthen us, and will love us no matter what. 


I’m Such a Messterpiece is a must-read! Andrea keeps it raw and real as she takes us through the real-life issues of mental health, anxiety, and panic attacks—things that just aren’t talked about enough in the church. Her beautiful story of redemption points us to hope and encourages us to be honest about our struggles. —Ashley Henriott (TikTok mom, coach, and podcast host of Confidence and Coffee)

About The Author

Andrea M. Nyberg

Andrea M. Nyberg is an author, speaker, and photographer passionate about helping women (re)frame fear and find freedom in their faith, identity, and mental health. She holds a master of arts in educational leadership from Gateway Seminary and a coach training certificate through the Accredited Coach Training Program. Andrea lives in San Jose, California, with her husband, two children, and dog. Connect with her at

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Quotes from... I’m Such a Messterpiece: Shattering Stigmas, (Re)framing Our Fears, and Finding Ourselves Fully Loved

We are simultaneously living in the mess while living as masterpieces of God.

In hopes of embracing the both/and essence of being the beloved of God in a broken yet beautiful world, I invite you to journey with me as we seek to (re)frame our faith, identity, and mental health through the lens of God’s unending love for us. 

I may be a mess, but Jesus can use anyone and anything to bring hope and healing into this world.

We can stay locked away, chained to walls of regret, or we can shake off those shackles and walk out in the freedom Jesus offers us.

It’s taken many reluctant years, but I can see now that the seeds planted in hardship can produce some of the richest fruit.

Jesus came to bind up our broken hearts, to free us from the captivity of shame and stigmas, and to release us from the prisons of our minds and the hopelessness of failing health.

There’s a disconnect between who I am and who I want to be, a tension between where I shine and where I shatter, a restlessness with feeling like the old me when the new me should be shining through:

Loving Jesus doesn’t guarantee comfort, ease, and prosperity, but it does promise faith, hope, and love.

Life is not without suffering, but suffering is not without hope

The ultimate purpose of (re)framing is to find freedom in our faith, identity, and mental health.

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