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Embracing Alopecia: Carol Chisolm’s Story from Shame to Victory 

On today’s episode, learn how Carol Chisolm faced her alopecia with courage and overcame shame through embracing her true identity in Christ.

Carol Chisolm is a singer, songwriter, and author. Her inspiring lyrics and powerful vocals leave listeners wanting more. She is truly an anointed singer, who ushers listeners into the presence of the Lord with her captivating tones. She was named Songwriter of the Month (July 2020) by Nashville Christian Songwriters, International. She was one of the top five finalists in the 2021 God’s Music Talent Showcase and named the 2022 Traditional Artist of the Year for the
Tampa Bay Gospel Music Awards.

In 2019, Carol released her single and music video, “Wonderfully Made”. It was inspired by her long journey with alopecia. She calls herself a survivor. After suffering many years with this autoimmune disorder, which results in hair loss. She coined the phrase “I have alopecia, but it doesn’t have me” to remind her that her identity is in Christ and not a reflection in the mirror. Carol has done it again. Her latest single, “Shepherd of My Soul” was released March 3, 2023. Carol’s music is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and other digital services.

Carol is a contributing author in the award-winning anthology, She Writes for Him: Black Voices of Wisdom and My Bald Is Beautiful: I Am Not My Hair. Her book about her personal alopecia journey, Breaking the Shadows: How to Embrace Your True Self and Live in the Light of God’s Glory will be available this year along with a companion CD of 10 original songs included in the chapters of the book.

Carol is also an entrepreneur. She is the owner of CC Bookkeeping & Notary Services, LLC helping the small business owner save time and grow their business by performing those time-consuming tasks that are important aspects of a successful business. Connect with Carol on Instagram @ccbookkeeping321 for all your bookkeeping needs.

What is your favorite scripture / lifetime verse (and why)
This is one tough because I have so many. The scripture that really spoke to me during my alopecia journey was Psalm 139:14. David wrote, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well”. Most people are quite familiar with the first part of this scripture, but I found refuge in the last phrase, “and that my soul knoweth right well”.

You see the scripture does not give life until you believe it, embrace it, and apply it. I had to be convinced within myself that God’s works are breathtakingly marvellous and that included me, despite having this condition that caused me to lose my hair. It couldn’t rely on peoples’ opinions, but my soul had to be securely anchored in the Word of God, otherwise, I’d still be living in the bondage of fear and shame. 

Connect with Carol:
Facebook: Carol Chisolm Ministries 
Instagram: @carolchisolmministries 
Email address: [email protected] 

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