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Confronting Religion with Ed Malone

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Today’s guest is author, Ed Malone. He says that it is not that he couldn’t figure out “What he wanted to be when he grew up” but life’s circumstances and God’s calling created an unusual sequence of events for his life. Being a pastor for 38 years both full-time and bi-vocationally certainly dominates who he is and what he holds sacred.

Paying for college came from many years working as an assistant golf pro and golf course superintendent. His leadership skills were honed by three years in the military achieving the rank of 1st. Lieutenant with a year of service in Vietnam. He holds an electrical engineering degree and a master of divinity degree from the Southern Baptist Seminary. His love for the needs of children was expressed by working as a court officer in the juvenile court, serving as a counselor and house parent at a boys home and he and his wife being foster parents.

His skills as a builder were honed when working bi-vocationally and his life-long passion to raise cattle was fulfilled twenty years ago when he and his wife, Gale, purchased some land. Their two children have blessed them with eight grandchildren who proudly call him papaw. Ed loves doing any outside activity from spelunking to white water rafting. Ed says that he always keeps activities going to stay physically fit because you never know when you need to grab a chain saw or your tool belt to get something done.

The driving desire for his life has been to equip people for life in God’s Kingdom. Ed’s a Tennessee boy that is always ready for a project to do or a new adventure such as now becoming a writer.

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Key Ideas:

  • The evidence of being a born again Christian
  • The ongoing issues with American Christianity

“The fullness of life extending into an endless future awaits those choosing to follow Jesus in a present, spiritual relationship of serving God now and for all of eternity.”

Ed Malone

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  1. Because of Ed Malone’s scriptural shepherding, my relationship and walk with GOD (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) has become so much closer and deeper. Each of his three books is so insightful and life changing. His metaphors and analogies regarding cattle, his faithful dog, and his role as their shepherd really help in understanding what our relationship to GOD should be like. Love his writing!

    • One of the best Bible teachers in Cookeville!

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