Roz Brown

Roz Brown’s desire is to ignite a spark of faith in Christ in every person she meets and, in particular, to encourage, empower and enhance the lives of women from all walks of life. As a speaker and writer, Roz is known for her candid content delivered with authority and with a dose of humor. Her counter-culture messages are full of eternal principles of Scripture to encourage, enhance, and educate women. Roz does not bow to current trends, common behavior, society’s view of acceptable relationships, or the latest fashion trends. Conference audiences and readers can never again blame their issues or their sins on their neighbor, a man, the culture, media, friends, or even their upbringing – exposure to Roz’ message brings new knowledge of indisputable truth. Roz Brown was the founder of Brighter Day Ministry, a support organization for single moms, however this ministry was recently dissolved to further her calling as a professional speaker, author and to devote more time as the Director of Women’s Ministry at her church. She is currently working with another local Ministry for Single Moms not wanting to totally leave working with Single Moms which is one of her true passions. She’s a professional speaker, Sunday school teacher, television personality, and published author. Roz Brown was named Mulher Magazine’s 2016 Woman of the Year. She was also the recipient of the 2011-2012 Outstanding Women Leader of the Year by Raytown Women of Today. She is an active member of her church and the community. If you wish for Roz to speak at your next women’s event please contact the Robinson Agency at 1-800-782-2995, email [email protected].

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