Peg Stormy Bradley

Peg Stormy Bradley is a retired Contracting Officer for the NASA Headquarters Procurement Office.  She retired from NASA after over 30 years of service. Her first day at NASA, she was given the nickname €œStormy.€ 
Ms. Bradley was a member of Cedar Ridge Community church located in Spencerville, Maryland for 20 years before moving out of the area.  She, along with the senior pastor, established the church’s drama club.  For the first three years, she wrote most of the drama presentations for their Sunday services and other events.
Ms. Bradley is a former lay pastor, small business owner and a published author of poems, cartoons, magazine articles and children stories.  She has written five books previously€”€œNo Regrets When I Listen for His Wisdom€, €œHow Do You Hide a Dinosaur?€  €œThe Nail€”What Could You Be in God’s Hand?€ €œThe Tree€”When Pride Takes a Fall€ and €œThe Vine€”Different Journeys, One Destination.€  She has a degree in Business Management and studied with the Institute of Children’s Literature.
Ms. Bradley won €œhonorable mention€ in a national poetry contest for her poem €œSeven Eternal€, a poem dedicated to the Challenger astronauts who tragically lost their lives in service to their country.  €œSeven Eternal€ was recited at the Goddard Space Flight Center memorial service held for the Columbia astronauts who also tragically lost their lives in service to their country.  Ms. Bradley was called €œGoddard’s Poet Laureate.€
She has appeared in Who’s Who in Entertainment and Who’s Who in America.
Ms. Bradley’s personal interests include pastoral work, creative writing, home improvements and reading.  She has two children€”Jennifer and Jessica, and three grandchildren€”Christian, Emma and Joshua.

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