Myra Montgomery Bell

Chris and Myra Bell co-pastor Living Way Christian Fellowship in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Myra has been in the teaching and music ministries for over thirty-five years and ministers regularly at prisons and jails, women’s conferences, and workshops. Chris and Myra live in the Pittsburgh area.

Knowing that being ill-prepared for marriage could be damaging to her Christian walk and ministry, Myra diligently tried to find all the information she could about marriage in preparation for her own. Much of the information and advice came from those who had been married for several years.

In this book, she presents a hilarious look at her own experiences with the challenges of marriage and how to overcome them in this heart-to-heart, humorous “conversation” about her first five years of marriage.

Whether you are planning to marry, are in the early years of marriage, or want to shore up the foundation of your marriage, Myra provides practical ways to increase the joy in your relationship.

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