Karrie Roberts

Karrie Roberts shares her husband’s passion for guide dogs and the need for people of all ages to be educated about the importance of valuing the person behind the leash. She believes that through stories and songs, a child can learn how to interact confidently with a visually impaired person and their guide dog, understanding the etiquette that keeps both the person and the guide dog safe. Karrie & her husband Clark have published a book called, Wags to You: Short and Long Dog Tails and Karrie is working on future books in the series A Guide Dog Named Arby.  The series will continue Arby’s journey teaching children character traits that he learns along the way.  Karrie is continuing to use her God given gifts, talents and abilities on several other book projects as well as another book with her husband. Karrie and Clark have 2 amazing children, a son who is married, and a beautiful daughter who both share their love of guide dogs. She loves spending her time being a wife and mom, writing stories and songs, and creating tactile custom ceramic impressions for people and pets, specializing in braille for visually impaired customers. She also works alongside of her husband in their business, Ultimate Vision – sharing hope and encouragement to all ages in schools and in business settings.
For more information or to book Karrie and Clark for a speaking engagement, go to ultimate-vision.org or email Karrie at [email protected].

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