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BONUS: The Flower Girls by J.C. Lafler

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Welcome to another enriching episode of “Author Spotlight,” the podcast that brings you closer to the inspiring authors behind Redemption Press’s most impactful releases. I’m your host, Shelly Brown, and I’m excited to introduce today’s guest, J.C. Lafler, author of the riveting, sit on the edge of your seat novel, The Flower Girls.

Episode Highlights:

  • Overview: Without sharing any spoilers, J.C. Lafler gives a glimpse into one of her most suspenseful, yet uplifting stories of faith and perseverance. A young, pregnant woman in a bloody and torn flowered dress hobbles into the emergency room and collapses on the floor. “H-help me . . .” she whispers through split, puffy lips. “Please help my babies.”  While the mother tragically did not survive, her triplets did!

    The Flower Girls is an uplifting story of faith, perseverance, and the ultimate intertwining of four individual lives, brought together out of tragedy. Like the flowers the triplets are named for, these young women grow and bloom, proving faith provides strength in the most trying circumstances.

  • For Whom: Written for young teens all the way to 99.
  • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

To check out J.C.’s other 7 novels, go to

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