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BONUS CONTENT – Reframing Covid 19 with Dawn Scott Damon – Episode 11

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Join me as I bring Dawn Scott Damon back to ALL THINGS to discuss how we can reframe Covid-19, 4 steps to take if fear is gripping you, and what our spiritual response should be.

Meet the Guests


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Dawn Scot Damon is a pastor, speaker and award-winning author whose 4 award-winning books, include “When a Woman You Love Was Abused” published by Kregel Publications, “When the Woman Abused Was Me” and most recently, “The Freedom Challenge: 60 Days to Untie the Cords that Bind You” published by Redemption Press.

Dawn worked closely with New York bestselling author Cecil Murphey, co-author of 90 Minutes in Heaven and When A Man You Love Was Abused. Together, Dawn and Cecil presented two conferences titled, When Someone You Love was Abused: Help for Those Suffering from Childhood Traumas.

Dawn also writes a blog for women who have experienced trauma at Freedom Girl Sisterhood –

As a popular keynote and conference speaker, Dawn Scott Damon is an engaging and dynamic communicator who inspires audiences to maximize their God-given purpose and potential in Christ. Dawn ignites dreams by using sound biblical teaching, personal stories and splashes of humor to awaken the gifts and callings in listeners.

Whether Dawn is leading support groups, producing radio and webcasts, or preaching to large crowds, the power of her testimony has been used by God to ignite hope and healing in the lives of thousands.

Dawn and her husband Paul Damon reside in the Grand Rapids, MI area and have a full family of three married children, two college-age sons, and 11 grandchildren.

Show Notes


In this episode of the All Things Podcast we have a special bonus content episode for you with a previously interviewed author who was on the show a bit ago. Dawn Scott Damon is here with us today to have a discussion about the Corona virus, what we’re facing, and how we should be responding. (1:04)


Main Points of Podcast

  1. Reframing the Corona Virus as believers. (3:16)
  2. 4 Steps to Take if Fear is Gripping You (18:00)


Tips & Tools from Dawn Scott Damon for navigating and reframing COVID-19

  • Slow down
  • Return to Prayer
  • Become Grateful
  • Practice Generosity
  • Fortify Your Mind


Q&A with Dawn Scott Damon

Q:  How can we as believers reframe the Coronavirus COVID-19? (3:07)

A:  Listen to the answer on the podcast. (3:16-18:00)


Q: So what four steps can we take if fear is gripping? (18:00)

A:  Listen to the answer on the podcast (18:07-25:23)


Q: What should our spiritual response be to this pandemic? (25:54)

A: Listen to the answer on the podcast (25:56-30:23)



Memorable Quotes

“The Bible says…a house divided cannot stand. And I believe that America has been under attack for such a long time and now here is something that God may [use to] be saying, let me get your attention. Let me show you what’s important.” – Dawn Scott Damon (4:59)

“[There are] So many things that God has blessed us with that I believe sometimes in Western culture we just forget. – Dawn Scott Damon (7:37)

“It’s very difficult to be bitter and grateful at the same time.” – Dawn Scott Damon (8:18)

“God is love. He doesn’t just have love, he is love. He doesn’t just do good things. He is good and so God is not trying to destroy or devastate us potentially…He knows that we’re going to be shaped, that our characters going to grow, that our faith is going to grow and that ultimately like your [All Things] podcast says, Romans 8:28, ultimately something beautiful is going to come from this.” – Dawn Scott Damon (10:37)

“We all feel and think and bleed and love the same way.” – Dawn Scott Damon (15:29)

“I’m fortifying my mind knowing that we are living in perilous times, but my mind is not going to be held hostage or taken captive by this world or by the spirit of fear.” – Dawn Scott Damon (17:17)

“And [seek] not just the things that his hand provides in the blessings of God, but we’re looking for the face of God. We’re looking for the gaze of the face of God. We’re looking for the illumination of his truth.” – Dawn Scott Damon (27:54)




And remember – write Romans 8:28 on your heart!

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