Jenn started the 21-day reset for women because she wanted to share what she learned and experienced first hand about alcohol. Currently, over 2,000 women from all over the world have participated. It’s more of a sisterhood and a real community of women pursuing being present and sober-minded. Each woman has the opportunity and space to renegotiate their relationship with alcohol in an authentic community. What an amazing example of God using Jenn’s struggle with alcohol for good as He birthed SoberSis. What a powerful movement  inspiring and empowering women to be sober-minded, intentional and present in their lives.

Meet the Guests

Jenn Kautsch

Jenn is passionate about making it safe for Christian women to have a conversation about alcohol without judgment, labels or rules. She is what you would call a retired “grey area” drinker. Around the middle of her 40’s, she took a closer look at her life. Her health…mental, physical and spiritual. She began to find out ways to have more energy, better sleep and really stay present in her own life as she realized that wine had become like an emotional crutch to lean on during times of anxiety or even boredom.

Porgram by our Guest

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