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Lasting Impression: Package Yourself With Class – Part One

Every day we make impressions on others. Might be good. Might be bad. But the fact of the matter is, we leave one kind or another on every person we connect with, whether it’s online, in print, or in person. On the word “impression” is defined this way: Noun – 1. a strong effect […]

Why Join a Christian Writers’ Group?

There’s much to be said for fellowshipping with other like-minded people — especially when they are folks who feel called to share what God has done in their lives through the written word. Don’t let this valuable resource lay untapped. If there’s a Christian writers group in your area, it would be worth your time […]

Could Self-Publishing Help Me Land a Royalty Publisher?

You hear lots on both sides of the fence. Can self-publishing actually help you prove yourself to a traditional publisher and motivate them to offer you a royalty publishing contract? Well, let me tell you my story for starters. My Written Work Needs to Be Published Back in 1986, I was involved in a ministry […]

How Can You Know If a Royalty Publisher is Legit?

The below post is from our October, 2014 Free Resource newsletter: These days in the publishing industry, it’s difficult to discern the true meaning of the words used by some publishers. First let’s understand what a subsidy publisher is as opposed to a traditional publisher. Subsidy Publisher vs Traditional Publisher A subsidy publisher is one […]

Marketing Your Book: Video Trailer

There are many elements to successfully marketing your book. Marketing becomes even more important when you’re self-published. We recommend (and can help implement) a strong digital campaign because it is cost efficient and effective. A video trailer can hook your audience right away! A Video to Promote Your Book — Like a Good Cover You’ve […]

The Benefits of Manuscript Evaluation

Writing is far from an exact science and something we’re extremely proud of offering at Redemption Press are our professional workshop-style services. One of which is a Manuscript Evaluation. No one is born with the gift of excellent writing. There’s a lot to the craft of writing that must be learned, and practiced, and refined. […]

Meet the Publisher

I've been around Christian publishing since 1987 when I helped our ministry self-publish an important resource for Vietnam veterans and their families. That book went on to be picked up by a royalty publisher and has since sold over 250,000 copies with a million in print.

I'm glad you're here…stop by often and take advantage of all the information we make available.

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