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Black Voices of Wisdom: Getting through Grief

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On today’s episode, we welcome Mercy Lokulutu & Evelyn Taylor.

Mercy Lokulutu gave her yes to the Lord at nine and has since seen His purposeful hand throughout her life and blessed opportunities in the midst of grief. She shares her incredible Romans 8:28 story.

Evelyn Taylor offers hope and encouragement to those around her, specifically caregivers. Through her own experiences as a caregiver for 10 years and the testimonies of others, she encourages those who care for loved ones.

Key Ideas

  • Being a woman of God
  • Raising Black children
  • Fighting through grief

Mercy Lokulutu Quotes

“My mother showed me that being a woman doesn’t make me a different kind of Christian but being a Christian is what makes me a different kind of woman. My femininity doesn’t preclude or exclude me from doing anything God has called me to do, if anything it empowers me to do what He has called me to do.”

She Writes for Him, Black Voices of Wisdom.

Mercy Lokulutu quotes

One of the things that was always constant was the faithfulness of God. In all that we went through God was with us, He was walking us through it and keeping us through it. That experience taught me that life is about seasons and God is faithful in every season.

She Writes for Him, Black Voices of Wisdom, Mercy Lokulutu.

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