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A Not So Ordinary Missions Trip with Renee Marini

Tune in to the Project Redemption Podcast where you will hear how God turned a typical 3 week missions trip into a lifelong journey of serving God.

Despite the name on her birth certificate, everyone always called Mary Ethlarine Joyce, “Renee.” When she married her husband, Sal, in 1976, she officially became Renee Marini. Having answered God’s call to start a clinic at the Sons of Thunder ministry in Zambia, Renee and Sal have served there since 2005. Renee is amazed at all God has done and is doing through their simple obedience. Together, she and Sal have three sons and six grandchildren. She is the author of A Life of Significance: Ordinary People Fulfilling the Extraordinary Call of God.

What is your favorite scripture / lifetime verse (and why)?

One of my favorite verses (Sal’s also) is the end of Joshua 24:15 “….As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

It has special meaning for both of us because in prayer, we gave our sons to God. We put them in His hands and told Him “…as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” After surrendering and taking our hands off of them trying to control outcomes, we saw each of our sons come to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

God called me and my husband Sal to minister to the people of Zambia, Africa. His initial call was to “start a clinic” on a farm at Sons of Thunder, a new ministry at the time started by our church in Damascus, Maryland. We started out with one room and step by step over the last 18 years as He led, there is now a full medical complex, including an outpatient clinic, a freestanding lab, a maternity center, an inpatient facility, 6 staff houses and a fleet of three vehicles for transport, outreach and home care.

God’s call however expanded over the years to include “raise the standard” and “feed a nation,” which has led to 80 families living and working on the farm; a primary school; two preschools; a day care center; a conference center; a sewing center; agriculture including raising chickens and fish as well as planting and harvesting fruits, vegetables, maize, moringa and sunflower using a method of farming called Farming God’s Way; a maize mill to turn the maize into mealie meal used to make the staple food “nshima” and a complete business center with sales office and supply room. There are also two churches on the farm and multiple church plants in surrounding areas.

What is the ONE thing you want people to know about you?

“When it is all said and done, I want people to know I am nothing special, just a willing and faithful servant who heard and obeyed. I want people to see my willingness and obedience to carry out God’s plan for my life.”

Renee Marini

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