She Writes For Him

with Athena Dean Holtz 

Athena shares the birth of She Writes for Him and all that God orchestrated for such a time as this.

Meet the Guests

Athena speaks about She Writes For Him: Stories of Resilient Faith.  This book is written by brave women who have boldly ventured out to tell their hard stories of abortion, depression, betrayal, loss, and shame. These resilient women have found that God’s steadfast love can be trusted in the midst of difficult and tragic circumstances. This book is Redemption Press’s debut in a series meant to infuse hope and courage to others who have experienced similar journeys, that they might know they are not alone and can find healing.

She Writes for Him Bootcamp: 21 Days from Idea to Manuscript Blueprint

21 days of jam-packed resources and teaching by industry professionals. Next Bootcamp runs $247, with the value of the Bootcamp weighing in at $3,500.00!

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a voice of hope in a time where more than ever people need to know they are not alone and need a message of rock-solid faith.

Next Bootcamp starts May 27


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