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4. Two incredible authors, two compelling messages: Security in God & Battles Fought in His Name

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Welcome to this week’s episode of the Redemption Press Author Spotlight, where we shine a light on the voices that are inspiring readers worldwide. Our new format promises exclusive interviews with our authors, giving you a front-row seat to their latest releases and the stories behind their messages.

Episode Highlights:

Spotlight 1: Cheryl Lutz – Securely Held

    • Host: Athena Dean Holtz
    • Book: Securely Held: Finding Significance and Security in the Shelter of God’s Embrace
    • Overview: Cheryl Lutz takes us on a transformative journey from approval-seeking to finding profound security in God. Through personal stories and practical biblical teachings, this book is a beacon for those seeking to live accepted and loved by their Heavenly Father.
    • For Whom: This book is a must-read for believers caught in the cycle of people-pleasing, striving for acceptance, and the approval of others. It’s about breaking free from the power of other people’s opinions and rediscovering joy in every aspect of life.
    • Cheryl’s Insight: Written for herself and others like her, Cheryl’s book is the guide she wished she had—a pathway to finding significance and security in God’s embrace.
    • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.
    • Learn More About Cheryl: Visit to explore Cheryl’s speaking ministry and more.

Spotlight 2: Michael W. Henry – The River West

    • Host: Athena Dean Holtz
    • Book: The River West (Book Three of the Two Rivers Trilogy)
    • Overview: Dive into the thrilling world of spiritual warfare and adventure with Michael W. Henry’s The River West. Follow missionary Alan Hartman through trials of dark forces, false accusations, and a quest for freedom, set against the backdrop of the western pioneer era.
    • Target Audience: Though written with men in mind, especially those marginal in their faith or church involvement, it’s women who are frequently purchasing this book for the men in their lives.
    • Michael’s Background: A former missionary in Mexico, Michael brings his experiences of deliverance and inner healing ministry to the pages of his book, offering a deep dive into the spiritual warfare on the mission field and the power of intercessory prayer.
    • Where to Buy: The River West, along with the entire Two Rivers Trilogy, is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Join us next week for another episode of the Redemption Press Author Spotlight, where we continue to explore the depths of faith, courage, and inspiration through the words of our esteemed authors. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform to stay updated on future episodes.

Thank you for listening, and may these stories illuminate your path with hope and guidance.

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