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18: Restoration and Faith: Jay’s Tale & Jesus in the Driver’s Seat

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Welcome to this week’s Author Spotlight sponsored by Redemption Press. Each week, we bring to you exclusive author interviews. They’re here to shine a light on their book, share their journeys, and unearth the profound messages within their works. Today’s episode features two authors of two rich and powerful children’s books!

In this episode, we shine the spotlight on two inspiring authors. Patricia Hefti shares the heartwarming rescue story in her book, “Jay’s Tale,” revealing how our Heavenly Father loves us and guides us toward restoration. Rachael A. McCloskey introduces her delightful children’s book, “Jesus in the Driver’s Seat,” merging a child’s love for machines with lessons about Jesus’s role in our lives. Join us as we explore these touching stories of faith, healing, and transformation.

Episode Highlights:

Author Spotlight #1: Jay’s Tale by Patricia Hefti

Interview Highlights:

    • Book: Jay’s Tale
    • Overview: Patricia recounts a heart-warming true rescue and restoration story portrayed in her new book, leading readers into knowing that our Heavenly Father loves us right where we are but He also loves us enough to not leave us there. Just like Jay, readers of his story will be gently encouraged to grow into their true, healthy, and eternally valued identities. His goal is restoration, and for our lives to reflect His beauty and glory as He begins to mold us and shape us more and more into the image of Christ.
    • For Whom: While written for children, Jay’s Tale speaks to people of all ages, It is a simple, true story that encourages people of all ages to seek the Lord in a new and fresh way.
    • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Author Spotlight #2: Jesus in the Driver’s Seat by Rachael A. McCloskey

Interview Highlights:

    • Book: Jesus in the Driver’s Seat
    • Overview: Rachael shares how her book merges a child’s love for machines along with learning who Jesus is and what He can do for their heart in both a practical and playful way. They will discover that by asking Jesus to “take the driver’s seat He is their best friend, and their faith will be expanded by learning that He heals, delivers, provides for us, helps them build a brand-new heart-home full of peace and joy.
    • For Whom: This book is for all children, especially those who are intrigued by motorized machines such as rescue, construction, and farming machines. And, no doubt, caregivers in homes, churches, daycares/schools are sure to love it too!
    • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Thank you for listening to the Redemption Press Author Spotlight. Join us next week for more conversations with our authors.

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  1. Lisa Braund on June 13, 2024 at 5:33 pm

    I very much enjoyed this podcast! After listening to the author of Jay’s Tale it makes me want to buy one to have to read to my grandchildren! And Jesus in the driver’s seat has blown me away! I must admit that I have the privilege of being Rachael’s mom! But I had her keep this book a secret until I had the actual copy in my hand to read and experience for the first time and I was so proud of her for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through her and write what the Lord gave her to write! I have a copy of each soft cover and hardcover and I wish I could buy all of them and hand them out to everyone! But it really is worth it for someone to purchase this for every child in their lives! Thank you Redemption Press for your guidance and everything that you have done to help Rachael become a first time author!! God Bless!!

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