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10: Teaching Courage and Friendship: Meet Our Children’s Book Authors

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Join us on this episode of the Redemption Press Author Spotlight as we feature two inspiring children’s book authors. Discover the heartwarming story of “The Adventures of Sammy the Cat” by Robin Marie Johnson, a tale of bravery and kindness, and delve into “The Best Trophy” by Jennifer Noel Wilson, a beautiful narrative about Christ-like friendship and faith.

Welcome to this week’s Author Spotlight sponsored by Redemption Press. Each week, we bring to you exclusive author interviews. They’re here to shine a light on their book, share their journeys, and unearth the profound messages within their works. Today’s episode features two of our Children’s book authors.

Author Spotlight #1: The Adventures of Sammy the Cat, Brave, Kind, and Different by Robin Marie Johnson

Interview Highlights:

  • Book: The Adventures of Sammy the Cat, Brave, Kind, and Different
    • Overview: Sammy, the cat, is different. Born with one stubby leg and a blind eye, he relies on his “superpowers” to make friends. Then one day, Sammy sets out on a daring adventure and finds out some of the neighborhood pets are not as kind as he is. His Mama’s words, “Different isn’t bad—it’s just different,” helps him show others what it means to be brave and courageous.
    • For Whom: Primarily written for Pre-K through third grade, though it has been overwhelmingly well received particularly by boys.
    • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Author Spotlight #2: The Best Trophy by Jennifer Noel Wilson

Interview Highlights:

    • Book: The Best Trophy
    • Overview: The Best Trophy helps draw kids closer to God by seeing Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 come to life in a way they can understand. Kids will see an example of how to be a Christ-like friend by praying for others and putting others first.
    • For Whom: This book is ideal for children ages 4-8 who love stories about sports, races, friendship, and courage. But, it also for parents, grandparents, teachers, or anyone who wants to teach kids about authentic Christian friendship.
    • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Thank you for listening to the Redemption Press Author Spotlight. Join us next week for more conversations with our authors.

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