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1: Welcome to the Table

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Welcome to the very first episode of “At This Table,” the podcast where faith, friendship, and feasting on the Word come together in a warm, inviting conversation. We’re your hosts Athena, Carol, and Shelly, and we’re thrilled to have you join us for what promises to be an enriching journey.

In This Episode:

• Introduction to “At This Table”: We kick off our debut episode by setting the table for what’s to come. This podcast is all about creating a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of where you’re at in your life.

• Our Vision: Learn about our hopes for “At This Table.” We aim to foster conversations that delve deep into faith and friendship while feasting on the Word of God.

• Meet Your Hosts: Get to know a little more about us – Athena, Carol, and Shelly. We share our stories, our hearts, and why this podcast means so much to us.

• Special Moments at the Table: We each share a personal story—one where we felt warmly invited to someone’s table and another where we felt left out and unwelcome. These stories set the stage for the inclusive and compassionate atmosphere we want to cultivate.

• Origin of “At This Table”: Shelly takes us behind the scenes, sharing the inspiration and significance behind the name and concept of our podcast.

• What to Expect Each Week: Carol outlines the structure of our weekly episodes, including impactful discussions from the Word, and interviews with amazing authors who will provide valuable resources to support our faith journey.

• Invitation to Our Listeners: Remember, you always have a seat at this table. We want you to feel part of our community, engaged in our conversations, and nourished by the Word.

Featured Interviews:

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes featuring interviews with inspiring authors who are making significant contributions to faith-based communities. Their stories, insights, and resources are sure to encourage and uplift you, no matter where you find yourself on your faith journey.

Join the Conversation:

We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts, stories, and questions with us. Your input will help shape future episodes and ensure that “At This Table” remains a space where all are welcome.

Connect with Us:

Thank you for pulling up a chair and joining us at this table. We can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Remember to subscribe to “At This Table” on your favorite podcast platform to stay updated on new episodes. And if you enjoyed our debut, please consider leaving us a review—it helps more people find us and join our growing community.

See you next week!

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