Join Athena and three special guests this Saturday, May 23rd, for a discussion around crafting words powerfully and professionally.

The Power of Words – Why Every Author Needs an Editor

May 23, 2015
Hosted by Athena Dean Holtz

Guest Information

Jeanette Windle Inger Logelin Julie Carobini

Episode Description

Words have the power to attract or repel, to draw a reader in or cause them to lose interest. They have the ability to heal or to wound. They are the power of life and death. The importance of words and the way in which they are crafted can fan the flame of a growing writing ministry or completely extinguish it. On this Saturday’s episode, we’ll be discussing The Power of Words, and why every author needs an editor. Not just someone who calls themselves an editor, but a professional editor who knows the rules and has successful experience. Join me as I interview three women whose lives revolve around the written word and shine with excellence.

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