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She Writes for Him Authors – Tamra Andress, Lyndie Metz, and Nikki Godsil – Episode 18

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Three contributors to the all new “She Writes for Him” share their Romans 8:28 stories to celebrate the launch of this amazing book!

She Writes for Him Authors

Lyndie Metz is an author and motivational speaker with interests in Christian Living, Biblical Application, and Self Help.

Prior to pursuing her dreams of writing, Lyndie served as a teacher and an educational consultant in elementary schools across the U.S. Now all of her expertise in child development and behavior modification are being put to the test by her own three children, all age six and under (ahhhh!).

Lyndie and her husband, Taylor, are making dreams come true in small town Indiana and vacation as much as possible to create fun-in-the-sun memories with their family.

Tamra Andress  is a passionista, a motivator, a coach and an illuminator for women who are looking to grasp hold of the dreams and visions that have been gifted by their heavenly Father. She finds such joy in seeing women say YES to the calling on their lives and cultivating the ‘how’ alongside them.

Tamra’s ultimate call is to remind women of their roots and give them wings to fly.

Nikki Godsil  is a registered nurse, turned stay-at-home mom, turned Children’s Director, turned Women’s Ministry Leader, turned writer. Her driven, passionate, and hard-working personality has aided in starting up her own website, blog, publishing her very first article with The Mudroom Blog, appearing as a guest on podcasts, and rising to speak to audiences in the 300-500 range on topics such as generosity, anxiety, overcoming fear, and spiritual growth.  Her motto is, “Never stop learning and press on through any trial to achieve your goals.”  She is a graduate of Rachel C. Swanson’s “Aspiring Authors” course and Jenna Kutcher’s “List to Launch Lab.”  Both have aided in building her platform, improving her writing, and pursuing her calling and dream as an author.

She is a gifted encourager and motivator, and she finds joy in helping others toward their own healing, achieving their own goals, and teaching women about the saving grace of Jesus. 

She Writes for Him Book

She Writes For Him: Stories of Resilient Faith is written by brave women who have boldly ventured out to tell their hard stories of abortion, depression, betrayal, loss, and shame. These resilient women have found that God’s steadfast love can be trusted in the midst of difficult and tragic circumstances.

This book is Redemption Press’s debut in a series meant to infuse hope and courage to others who have experienced similar journeys, that they might know they are not alone and can find healing.


Today we are doing something a little different because this week is the actual launch week for She Writes For Him: Stories of Resilient Faith. And it includes 27 very courageous women who tell their difficult stories, but how God has been a Romans 8:28 God through it all.  (0:59)

Main Points of Podcast

  1. Tamra Andress Shushed Into Shame (1:45)
  2. Lyndie Metz White Knuckled Driver (17:20)
  3. Nikki Godsil Hidden Beneath the Surface (29:35)




with Tamra Andress      

Q:  You were unaware of the source of this shame for many years in your life. What tipped you off? What was going on in your life that made you go, wait a second, is there something else here at play? (4:28)

A:  Listen to the answer on the podcast. (4:44-8:32)


Q: So this whole shame thing…is just exactly how the enemy tries to keep us quiet. Just tell us, unpack that a little bit for us and how you finally kind of broke free of that. (8:33)

A:  Listen to the answer on the podcast (8:53-11:33)

with Lyndie Metz

Q: So just give us a little context as to just how this whole issue of the depression and anxiety came up. It was mostly anxiety, if I remember right….Tell us how that unfolded and how God worked all things together for good. (17:57)

A: Listen to the answer on the podcast (18:19-19:52)

Q:  Tell me some of the scriptures…that you have to declare, not only to yourself but to the enemy when, when he comes at you like that [with anxiety and fear]. (19:53)

A: Listen to the answer on the podcast (20:11-21:3)


Q: So tell us what kind of reaction you have been getting with your story just being out there like this? (23:50)

A: Listen to the answer on the podcast (24:16-25:15)


Q: So any other thoughts that you’d like to share around the issue of anxiety and just how we can better, especially in this time of COVID-19, how we can better navigate that tidal wave of anxiety that is all around us with so many other people, but how can we guard against that? (25:37)

A: Listen to the answer on the podcast (26:04-29:03)


Memorable Quotes

“The enemy ain’t got nothing new. He’s not creative. He uses the same lies on all of us and just, you know, tweaks them a little bit to make them fit our specific situation. And that’s why he doesn’t want us to talk about it because then we’ll compare notes and we’ll figure out what he’s doing.”  – Athena Dean Holtx (12:33)

“People need to understand that shame is something that we can pick up and it’s also something that can be placed on. And so, whether you are the perpetrator, or you are the victim, shame happens. It happens to all of us. And so, we all have a process of letting that go. And anything that you release is harder than the receiving. But God makes it so easy in the fact that he is constantly showing up if we are present” – Tamra Andress (12:54)

“Anxiety is something that now that I know that it’s an attack of the enemy, it still comes up every now and then. But I’m able to use the word of God to defeat it and put it in its place. – Lyndie Metz (19:35)

“Anxiety is something that I really feel like if I pick it up and carry it with me, no one will recognize that but me. But it negatively impacts a lot of other areas of my life. So I really have to lay it down. I have to lay that burden down [at the cross].” – Lyndie Metz (21:16)

“Anxiety is a way that the enemy tries to come at us to get us not to trust God and to believe that God doesn’t know anything about what’s going on…And nothing could be further from the truth. We can trust him no matter what happens, we can trust him.” – Athena Dean Holtx (22:19)

“Shame unravels itself in everybody’s story with a lot of similar lies. Lies that say, what’s your purpose? Or you know, what are people gonna think of you now? Or you can’t tell anybody who you really are because they’re just going to reject you. You’re not good enough. And all of those lies compound and they just make it so our lives are empty inside. It could look like we have it all together on the outside, but the reality is until Jesus comes in and really heals those wounds for us we’re not gonna experience genuine or authentic relationship with others or Him. – Nikki Godsil (34:35)

“So that willingness, that Isaiah 1:18-19 [Though your sins are like Scarlet, they shall be as as snow. And though they are red like Crimson, they shall become like wool if you are willing and obedient.] is actually really important because it wipes away the pride that holds hands with shame and it says you have to be willing to come to the Lord completely beaten and downtrodden and weak and left him heel you. You can’t do that on your own. – Nikki Godsil (38:48)



Tamra Andress

IG: Tamra.andress

FB: Tamra Leigh Andress

Lyndie Metz

IG: Lyndie.L.Metz

FB: Lyndie.L.Metz


Nikki Godsil

IG: NLGodsil

And remember – write Romans 8:28 on your heart!

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