Today’s guest is Redemption Press author Stacy Leicht.

The last time she was here she was here as a She Writes for Him Boot Camp graduate and now her first book is launched into the world and it is absolutely delightful!

It’s called Good One, God. It is a children’s book that helps children and adults look for God doing amazing things in creation and in everything around us

Stacy Leicht was born in Deerborn, Michigan. She grew up loving animals, nature and books. She worked as an elementary school teacher and literacy curriculum facilitator for 15 years before becoming an adjunct professor and then a supervisor in the education department at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

She lives with her husband Rick and their rescue dog Bella in North Carolina. They have two grown children and Stacy treasures time with her two grandkids. She loves reading, baking and snorkeling at the beach.

Key Ideas:

  • How nature can help children see God’s work
  • Raising children how to pray and value “time”
  • Showing conditional love, compassion and time transforms a child
  • How nature is a daily sign from God

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