On today’s episode, Becky Antkowiak, Melinda Kay Ronn & Tammy Renich:

We have a good good Father. He has us in the palm of His hands before we even know of Him. God loves you and will redeem all you do. No matter the difficulties He has a plan! He is ready to walk the journey with you and is prepared because He already knows. In today’s episode, we discuss how God wants to do amazing things in and for you!

Key Ideas:

  • Never underestimate God’s plan.
  • When God closes doors, He opens another.
  • God knows what tomorrow will bring.

Becky Antkowiak:

“God knew ahead of time what was going to happen and what would be.”

All Things Podcast, God has a plan.

Melinda Kay Ronn

“The Lord broke it and He used it to save an entire family, God can do anything.”

All Things Podcast, God has a plan.

Tammy Renich

“When I can help that’s what I try to do.”

All Things Podcast, God has a plan.


Women’s ministry. God has a plan. Beating cancer. Living hope. Redemption. The future.

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