Tune in to today’s episode where new Redemption-Press author, Thomas Gregory Stewart shares with us how the Lord helped him though the trauma of his stolen childhood.

Grab his new book, On Wings Like Eagles: A Story of Faith, Forgiveness, and Finding the Strength to Endure.

Conditioned for compliance and desperate for affirmation from authority figures, Tom Stewart was an easy mark for a predator—his Boy Scout leader. The trauma of his stolen childhood follows him into the future, where he encounters more than his fair share of trials. Through it all, Tom clings to his unwavering faith. Rather than retreating into bitterness, Tom faces his past, proving that, even in the worst of circumstances, God can turn evil for good. 

About the Author:


A native of Western Washington, Thomas Gregory Stewart has enjoyed a thirty-five-year career as a chemical engineer at the Boeing Company, where his work focuses primarily on eliminating carcinogens from the workplace. But his true calling is to advocate for how trusting in God can sustain us through life’s trials. Drawing from his own hardships and healing, Tom’s life mission is to bring hope to the hopeless. 








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