Being the Boss

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It can be tough being a kid with everyone telling you what to do and when to do it—at home, at school, even at church. Brush your teeth, tidy up, settle down. No wonder kids dream of growing up and being their own boss! But what if kids could see what being the boss would really mean? Working, paying bills, making sure to eat healthy meals—what ever happened to playtime?

Stepping imaginatively into their parents’ shoes can help kids understand that being the boss isn’t all fun and games and that the “bosses” in their lives provide rules out of love—especially the best boss of all, Jesus.

About The Author

Vicky Wedel

Vicky is a follower of Christ, wife, mother and a thirty-five year veteran of the messy narrow road. She is dedicated to continue learning God's Word, character and heart. The LORD has used personal trials as well as ministry involvement in Bible Study Fellowship and Celebrate Recovery as training ground for growth. She loves to encourage others and offer struggling travelers a helping hand by sharing what God has taught her through the mess.

Vicky Wedel

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The Messy Narrow Road: A Fellow Traveler's Tips and Encouragement

About The Book

Are you a weary traveler on life’s messy road?

Do you find the Christian life exhausting, lacking joy, or purpose?

It could be that you think the road is paved with rigid expectations.

Find the true freedom, grace, and mercy in a life of dependence on the One who loves you most and is calling you to Himself.

The forty devotions and paired original poems inside this book will draw you closer to the One who walks with us through life’s difficulties.

Learn to:

· Draw strength from the attributes of God in any difficulty

· Meet the challenge of change

· Wait well

· Stay in your own lane.

Practical and inspirational encouragement for hard times and good, this volume is filled with Scripture, and centered in the character of God.

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